March 17, 2014-Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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St. Patrick's Day Cookies!

  • Of course, I had laid out the kids clothes last night, not realizing that it was St. Patrick's Day, so there were no green clothes laid out.  I probably could have kept the fact that it was St. Patrick's Day to myself and no one would have ever known!  
  • I did tell everyone though and even poured green milk fro breakfast.  Campbell isn't very adventurous with things like that (she will not even drink chocolate milk) so she sure didn't try it.  But everyone else was very pleased with their green milk and Reagan was a bit upset with me that I didn't pour some for Whitman-I didn't want to clean up green spit up. 
  • We started school and it was fairly uneventful.  Anderson does not like doing his phonics and math first and gets upset with me most every day since I do make him do those two things first.  But he doesn't stay irritated for long and soon starts working hard.  
  • My Campbell is still loving doing her reading book.  She asked to do it first thing this morning and we did it while I fed Whitman.  Keaton sat beside us and looked at picture albums while we worked.
  • After school and reading science (along with a few poems-I am branching out!), we had our lunch.  I had already pulled out bread but then realized that supper tonight would be sandwiches so I quickly shifted gears and opened my last cans of ravioli-a Dennie favorite.  The kids devoured that up as I read and then we started on the  main event-making green cookies!
  • While those cookies were baking, we did some chores.  And after the chores were finished, the kids each decorated 2 cookies-one to eat then and one to eat during soccer practice.  I had green sprinkles all over my kitchen!
  • The afternoon was like most except Anderson came up to me and said "I think I can pull my tooth today."  His lower permanent tooth came in a few weeks ago scooting his baby tooth forward and it gradually became loser and loser.  I told him to pull it and he said he couldn't.  I asked if I could try and he said yes which was surprising because he usually won't let me touch it.  I was able to grab his tooth and with a quick yank, it was out.  He looked at me and said "you didn't get it, did you?"  He was delighted and immediately had me text Robby.
  • I then spent most of the afternoon working on gathering things for practice tonight-supper for all, blanket to sit on, cleats, shin gaurds and the list went on.  I should have packed gloves, hats, blankets and hot chocolate because Whitman and I were cold, cold!  
  • Campbell loved her first practice and Robby said that her and Graham did really well.  Reagan had a great time in during her practice and it looked like her team had things together.  Anderson played soccer on the other side of the fields while waiting on his practice and was pretty tired by the time his practice started.  He did great during his practice and the rest of the Dennies even got to scrimmage with his team (not Campbell though and she wasn't too pleased but she did come and sit with Keaton, Whitman and I in the van.  
  • Once at home, it was showers for everyone and then some crackers before bed.  The kids were worn out tonight and still a bit chilly after their showers-I even found Graham and Campbell snuggled up in my bed while waiting on everyone else to go up to their bed!

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