December 31, 2015-New Year's Eve!

Happy New Year 2016!

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  • We woke up a bit earlier this morning but that left us time to make breakfast-bagels, sausage, eggs and even a cinnamon roll.  It didn't take the kids long at all to eat breakfast but it took much longer for Robby and me to clean the kitchen and then start on a dessert for tonight and tomorrow.  We even moved things around on and in the cabinets (again!) And there is even talk of more organizing in my kitchen pantry tomorrow.
  • Breakfast and the resulting clean up took so long that we decided that we could wait a bit longer before fixing the kids lunch since we had not left the kitchen all morning long.  (Though we ended up waiting so late that we ran out of time and the kids never had lunch!) 
  • We were able to straighten a few things around the house but no, we have not put up those Christmas presents.  I sure love looking at them and used to leave them all out and organized when I was a little girl for months and months but now I am getting a bit claustrophobic in our house.  So there is also talk that those may be put away tomorrow (lots of plans for tomorrow including lunch at gmoms, a movie and supper with friends.)
  • We did load up and dropped most of the crew off at Nonna and Pops' house while Robby, Reagan and I went to the eye doctor.  Reagan and I passed our test (she's good, I'm the same) but Robby left with some fancy bifocal contacts (a few weeks ago he realized that his vision while reading had declined!) 
  • The kids played at Nonna's house while we ran to Kroger, the pizza place and my Chinese restaurant.  Kroger for cokes (and some Christmas clearance), the pizza gas station for pizza for supper for Robby and most of the kids and Chinese for me and Reagan.
  • After picking everyone up, we headed home for supper and before too long all the grandparents and Jason came over for dessert to celebrate the New Years.  We had a rice krispy dessert, cheese cake and chocolate chip cookies.  The kids watched some football, played a few games, colored, watched their kindles and enjoyed spending time with all of the grandparents.  
  • Once they all left, we cleaned up and headed upstairs.  The first thing that I did was to put Whitman in bed but after a few minutes I then realized that if Whitman was in bed when he would miss the poppers and the New Year's eve pictures.  So we then hurried to shoot off our poppers and to take our pictures before I put Whitman back into bed at 11:00!
  • We did blow our horns, shoot the poppers and wish each other Happy New Year a bit early but then we all bedded down in the bonus room and started a movie.  Robby did stop it so we could officially watch the ball drop for New Years and I can not believe that 5 out of my 6 kids are still awake (oh, they will be cranky tomorrow!)
  • We did make some Dennie resolutions and I will post them and the updates to last years resolutions in another post.

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