January 31, 2016

Ice Cream Truck!

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  • On this Sunday morning we had our Krispy Kreme doughnuts and we realized that this is the way to go. Seriously, everyone woke up and were quickly dressed as soon as Robby reminded them of our breakfast.  From this point on, every Sunday will be real doughnut day-not that little powdered ones anymore.  Hmm, this plan may have a downside since February is no spend month and doughnuts cost money and bigger pants also cost money!
  • Church and the sweet little lady who sits behind us gave the kids a package of candy this morning.  She said it was their Valentine's treat.  It was the kindest thing ever...now if only we knew her name!
  • Lunch was at Nonna's house today and she had a Mexican feast.  Dessert was cupcakes and when Whitman saw them he started shouting "Happy Birthday to me."  And since the boys is already spoiled beyond belief, we all sang Happy Birthday to him as he grinned from ear to ear.  
  • This afternoon Robby ran back to the grocery store with Whitman, Keaton and Campbell. His first trip didn't last too long because while walking in, Robby realized that he had left his wallet at home.  So he ran to Grannymom's house to borrow some cash and left with money but not Whitman.  The girls then accompanied Robby to the store via the gas station so they would have enough gas to make it home.
  • Reagan spent the afternoon watching Design on a Dime, her new favorite show.  All of the girls and even the boys enjoy decorating shows.  The boys watched a few shows and then headed upstairs to play the xbox for a while. 
  • Robby and the girls shopped and shopped until it was time to come home for church.  We unloaded groceries, made supper and then it was time to leave for church.
  • Tonight during church, the preacher man said "turn in your Bibles to Nehemiah" and Campbell let out an exasperated sigh that could be heard from pews away.  I guess us talking about Nehemiah at home for a few weeks and Sunday night services also being on Nehemiah for the last 2 weeks has been too much Nehemiah for my child!

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