January 20, 2016

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  • This has been the second night in a few days that Campbell has stumbled into our room in the middle of the night saying that she was scared.  The first night, I heard something in the hallway and not thinking clearly I went to investigate thinking it was Whitman (I sat not clearly thinking because I should have sent Robby to investigate and kept myself safe under the covers!) Anyway, it was Campbell sitting in the hallway beside our door.  My first words to her were "what are you doing? that is just weird!" And sitting in a dark hallway beside my door was in fact very odd!
  • Now last night, she wasn't in the hallway but when I saw her she was peeking over the side of my bed-not standing up, not in bed with me and not sitting on the floor-weird again.  Best thing we have ever done is put blankets under our bed so I quickly just pulled out a blanket for her to lay on and then covered her up so we could all get back to sleep.  (Tonight she was instructed to not come downstairs at all! We will see if that works or not!)
  • I didn't wake up on time this morning but I did manage to be out of bed by the time the kids came downstairs.  I showered and started working on the pottys while the kids dressed.  Then we doled out trash cans to empty out.  The boys quickly finished and asked to play their kindles but I was able to get the dishwasher emptied as I did the girls hair.  I think did let them play...I thought about mentioning the laundry but knew I would need something to do this afternoon!
  • Bible study this morning and when I picked up Graham he begged me to please, please sign up for snack (which I always do).  It doesn't take too much to please that little guy.  My Bible study group had their monthly luncheon today at Rock Creek so that added quite a few more kiddos to play with.  We ended up staying a few minutes longer than usual but the kids certainly didn't mind since their were lots of friends there but also lots of cookies there too!
  • Next up was Beebee's place for a bit.  She was in a good mood and the kids were pretty decent too.  Whitman just ran out of the room a few times-he didn't head for the door but just the water fountain.  I am sure that we cause such a ruckus when we are there but hopefully a ruckus that makes Beebee happy.  She was freely passing out candy today-milk duds (Whitman did not like them at all), 3 Musketeers and a box of Whitman's chocolate candy.  My kids had never really experienced a box of chocolate and it took them forever to read the diagram and then carefully pick out their selections.
  • Once we came home, I unloaded and fought Whitman during naptime.  I did eventually win today after he climbed out of bed twice.  Each time, I spanked him like I had to when Graham was a stubborn little guy.  Gracious, what will I do if Whitman is like his big brother?
  • After he was asleep, I sat down by the kids on the couch and rested my eyes-or I tried.  Campbell picked a decorating show and then Keaton did too so I paid more attention to those than anything else.  Robby brought home supper and we were sitting at the bar ready to eat.
  • I ran into the library on the way to church and then to church we went.  When we made it to our assigned spot, we were given the night off.  So we did what anyone with a free night would do-we went and watched the children for a bit and I even snuck into the youth for a few minutes to see what all was happening there.  My one observation-that church house is full on Wednesday nights of kiddos of all ages learning about God's word.
  • Once we were at home, pajamas and cookies were first on the to do list.  Then we learned a bit more about Nehemiah before putting all my kiddos in bed.

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