January 26, 2016

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  • We sure weren't going to stay in bed today like we did yesterday.  I tried to get up to exercise but just had to do it this afternoon and when Robby climbed out of bed first, I knew I had better get up quickly.  We had just a few minutes before the kids started stirring but were able to accomplish a few things this morning.
  • Keaton was ready to go to school this morning and poor Whitman was pretty upset that she was leaving.  Throughout the day, he would tell me that he missed Keaton and that he missed Daddy.  It is strange how Keaton can cause so much commotion around here but that she does-today was so much calmer than yesterday.
  • Oh, I know that wasn't the case and things probably would have been just as calm with Keaton here today.  What helped was the stern lecture that the kids received (one in particular) about immediate obedience and obedience with a good attitude.  But man if my kids could just learn to say, "yes ma'am" then everyone's life around here would go so much smoother.
  • We did our school and had lunch.  Then Reagan was ready for me to put Whitman in bed so I could ran on the treadmill.  You would think that she is concerned about my health but no, she knows they can't play the xbox until I have finished on the treadmill.  
  • A good bit of the early afternoon I spent playing chess with Anderson, Reagan and then Graham.  There has been many, many things in this homeschooling journey that I have learned and how to play chess is one of them.  I won at least one game but I do think that I lost the other two.
  • We did a few chores around the house and then I did put Whitman in bed again and then again and then again.  Yesterday, he napped so well but not today!  You win some, you lose some.
  • Some time during the afternoon, Reagan and I were upstairs and heard Whitman whimpering and Campbell hollering at him.  She brought him upstairs to us and he kept telling us that he banged his head.  I cuddled him and when he sat up Reagan pointed out blood on my jacket.  Poor baby banged the inside of his ear and it looks pretty nasty.  It bled for a good while but he quickly stopped fussing. Later I took him downstairs so he could show me where he bumped and wouldn't you know it-the corner of the fireplace.  I'm so very thankful that he didn't hit his eye or somewhere else on his face.
  • Robby and Keaton came home with pizza and after eating the kids played the xbox and some showered.  We put Reagan in the shower with Whitman so she could make sure that Whitman's ear got plenty of water on it so maybe that would help clean it up some.  
  • We had cookies for a little snack while we sat around the tv and watched a couple of episodes of fixer upper before bedtime...and then when the kids went to bed we watched a few more episodes of that show!

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