January 27, 2016

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  • By the time I made it upstairs this morning, the boys were constructing a full sized igloo and Campbell was working on a marble track in the boys' room.  Those things along with Whitman's gigantic train track in that room, completely filled it up.  And now tonight, this didn't get picked up and the carpet is completely full of things.  As I was trying to leave their room tonight, Anderson said, "It is like Indiana Jones, isn't it?"
  • Whitman was the first one out of his bed this morning and that just isn't a good thing.  He is almost 3 but there is no way imaginable that I would put that child in a big boy bed.  He won't stay in a crib for anything and there would be nothing to remind him to stay in a real bed.  Whatever will we do with that child?  Every other Dennie kiddo has perfectly stayed in their bed-never climbing out of their cribs and even staying in their real beds until I came to tell them they could get out.  Not this child!
  • Bible study this morning and my group is always so interesting-that always isn't good but it is entertaining and makes the morning go quickly.  Whitman was running so fast to get to his class that he passed his door and was pretty confused about which class to go into.  My big 3 grab their books and Bibles and leave as soon as we walk in the door.  They would probably be thrilled if I didn't even have to pick them up either.
  • Lunch today was at Rock Creek-I had Kennedy and Candice had the Kamp kids so the two of us walk in the already full playground with 14 kids of our own!  Trust me, every single mom there was giving us the evil eye.  They kids were pretty perfect and all ate quietly and then we gathered them together to sing Happy Birthday to Alyssa Kate and eat a cookie cake.
  • Beebee was at a doctor's appointment today so we just headed home.  Whitman fell asleep on the way and the kids played basketball outside for a good while this afternoon.  The afternoon was still short and by the time that I passed out a snack and they watched a few shoes and played the xbox, it was time for supper.
  • I knew we had to eat supper a minute or two earlier tonight since I had a zillion library books to return and check back out this week.  Robby was home for a few minutes and then we loaded up and headed to the library and then a stop at church.  
  • Keaton and Campbell's group had smores tonight as their snack so they didn't get too much here tonight when we passed out a little snack to hold everyone over until breakfast this morning.  Then it was bedtime for my crew followed by blog time for me (and a snooze on the couch for Robby.)

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