January 17, 2016

Ice Cream Truck Returns!

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  • Some Sundays dressing everyone is easy and other days it is not.  I always let Reagan pick out her clothes but Keaton and Campbell have now noticed that and have been asking to pick out their own clothes. So yesterday I let Keaton pick out her usual pick-a very elegant dressy dress that is more appropriate for a Christmas ball than January church (or even nap time as it is often worn) but I did not pick that battle.
  • So this morning, that left Campbell to pick our her clothes-an Eastery dress and jean jacket.  I was about to let that pass when she insisted that she would get hot in church and need to take her jacket off exposing her bare arms even though there is a chance of flurries tonight.  Nope, not going to happen.  So she put on something and walked down the stairs saying "well, I did wear this last week."  I then helped her find something that she didn't wear last week and something that would keep her arms warm.
  • And this boys observed all of this and asked to pick out their clothes and even though their clothes were laying by my bed ready to go, I let them after checking to see what what were going to wear (hoping that they weren't going to ask for their gym pants and hog jersey which they wear daily).  They both said they wanted jeans and a shirt so up they went to fetch their clothes.  Anderson did have to find another shirt since his first one was a bit too small.
  • Then there is Whitman-I was dressing him and he looked down at the socks that I had in my hand and started to shout "no, no, not my mickey socks."  By this time I had had enough and just grabbed those little feet and pulled those socks on as fast as I could.  He soon forgot and was distracted by breakfast that I quickly served up so I could run to the shower before church.
  • Church and Campbell has now started walking herself to her own Sunday school class.  This works out well because she always hesitates walking in and acts shy if we are there with her...hmm, I guess it works out well since I really don't know how she walks in (or if she does at all) when she goes there by herself.  We are almost to the point that we could drop the kids off at church at 9 and then pick them up at the door at 12:30.  Sweet! (kidding, of course...maybe!  A Cracker Barrel breakfast sure does sound good though!)
  • Lunch at Nonna's house today-BBQ and the fixings.  The kids played some while Nonna and I cut out coupons. Then back home for a bit.  Whitman and Robby had a come to Jesus meeting yesterday and after a reminder today, Whitman didn't dare to climb out of his bed during nap time.
  • We served up a quick supper before heading back to church tonight.  I sat by Campbell and I tell you, I have no idea how Robby can sit by her every single Sunday.  That child, bless her! Just bless her.  She can not stay still for anything at all.  She survived the service and then we headed home.
  • Robby has restocked our ice cream freezer and the kids had a plethora of choices.  The highlight was Graham eating a popsicle that had pop rocks in it-the kids were silent through much of ice cream time listening to the pops come out of Graham's mouth from his candy.  Oh the exciting lives that we live!

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