January 25, 2016

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  • Whitman walked into our room last night at 4 in the morning.  We pretty consistently lock his door but I guess I didn't last night when I went in for his midnight diaper change or he has learned to unlock that door (oh gracious I hope not!)  I picked him up and brought him back to his room and sat with him in the floor for a bit and would you believe, 2 times in a day that boy fell asleep in my arms.  
  • But since that was so close to my 6 wake up time, I turned my alarm to 7 and at 7 I just decided to stay in bed like everyone else during the morning time.  I knew that was really setting myself up for failure but I really didn't care...I should have!
  • Even with our late start, we were still starting school by 8:45 which was good.  But I guess since breakfast was hurried I let the kids take their cereal with them to do their school work.  This was a bad, bad idea because by the end of the morning there was at least a box of cereal scattered through out the floor of this house.
  • I could say that it is a good thing that today was vacuuming day but all of my people have become a bit lazy and vacuuming now just means turning the thing on and making a few figure eights on the carpet in each room.  So if you ever run out of food at your house, just come and munch off of my carpet.
  • All chores haven't been done to the best of any one's ability-for example instead of picking up the school room, the stuff is just shoved under my desk or even when I asked one child to do a chore for a certain amount of time and then I hear them changing the timer to a much shorter time.
  • During our work together time today we were able to get everything accomplished but because of our late wake up time, we didn't finish school, lunch, chores and work together time until nearly 4. This left me scrambling to get on the treadmill by the time that Robby came home.  
  • Once he was home, we worked on supper, showered kids and folded my dozen loads of laundry that I didn't get around to today.  Showers were finished and the kids took turns on the xbox after supper and then it was soon bedtime and we get to do it all over again tomorrow!
  • And yes, I did completely forget to take pictures of the kiddos today so I had to barge in their room after putting them in bed to take their pictures.  Now under no circumstances  was I going to go into Whitman's room because he was being quiet and staying in that bed of his!

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