January 10, 2016

Celebrating Tara's Birthday at Grannymom and Grandpa's!

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  • Church morning and it was cold, cold outside.  I do believe that everyone had on closed toe shoes and longish sleeves so it was a win-win morning.  I did notice that the vest I pulled out for Whitman, had cousin Josh's name written inside of it-meaning that little piece of clothing has been around for over a decade.  And Whitman was pretty cute wearing it.
  • Pretty early this morning, we saw a deer walk right by the window outside.  It then walked around our picnic table and I really wanted it to hop on top.  It just might have (not really) except that Graham and Reagan busted out the back door and chased that deer and his 5 friends all the way into the woods.  I took Whitman out to see the action and he said "go back in, they spank me!"
  • After breakfast, we headed to church and our first stop was to see Nonna and Pops. This week we knew for sure whose house we were eating Sunday lunch at.  After seeing them, we walked across the sanctuary to see Grannymom and Grandpa. 
  • In Sunday school today we had ourselves some manna cookies and they were good but I was saving room for Oreo delight at Grannymom's house.  Today was my birthday celebration there-mexican and oreo delight!  And then there was even presents-an amazon gift card from Dana and lotion, a cosmetic bag and little Pioneer Woman bowls from Grannymom and Grandpa.  
  • The kids played a game after lunch and when we made it home, I set out my pretty little bowls and just looked at them...possibly a bit too long because Campbell came up and said "what are you doing?"  Ha!  We tried to take our Biblical Sunday afternoon nap but my youngest did not cooperate.  I do believe that I had a bit of a cat nap so that was a good thing-I will take what I can get! 
  • I passed out sandwiches before we headed out for church tonight.  Keaton really wanted to stay in big church tonight but she did fine going into class and delighted Whitman since she was in his room tonight. 
  • After church, it was ice cream truck and that poor ice cream truck box is empty, empty.  All that was left was ice cream sandwiches but everyone seemed to eat them all up.  Hopefully, their full tummys will help them sleep well!

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