January 29, 2016

Reagan and Tara are roughing it in a RV tonight!

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  • Tonight's blog brought to you by Robby.  Tara and Reagan are sleeping in the woods tonight.  Don't worry too much - they are camping in one of those luxurious RVs! So they should be toasty and warm.  They are actually at a birthday party for Alysa Kate and it was camping party.  To Reagan's horror, Ms. Candace asked Tara to come help chaperone.  I'm sure there were a few eye rolls from Reagan.  Tara loves to torment her!
  • Okay, back to the day - everyone seemed to wake up fine. Well, the kids were up before us sort of. Whitman woke up around 6:30. I tried laying in the floor with him for awhile to give Tara a few extra minutes but it was cold in the floor so we got back in bed.  But Whitman wanted no part of that - he wanted his Kindle. He didn't get it but he wanted it.
  • I headed to work and they got started on school. I think it was a light day for them - they are all working on the upcoming oral reports for President's Day. Later, there was lunch, chores and Kindle time/movie time.
  • Reagan and Tara headed out a little before 5.  Looks like they had a nice fire going, they went on a walk, had hot dogs, played games, opened presents followed by cupcakes and s'mores.
  • The rest of headed to Larry's Pizza. It was a win-win.  2 less people saved a bit of money and occupied the children quite well. It's alway funny - the kids behavior is even better when another kid is gone or a parent is gone. They take on the responsibility of helping out.  Everyone ate well - Anderson was most excited about the baked potato pizza, Campbell let Keaton have the last slice of cheese (although there was plenty later on). Whitman didn't really want any pizza but he ate his weight in cheese and diced ham from the salad bar.  They couldn't resist the games and soon found their way to the game room. Luckily, the skee ball machine was spitting out free games for awhile so that made game time last a bit longer. By the time we left, we had seen the same tables turn over a couple times so it was definitely time to leave
  • We had been watching the X-Games while at Larry's so the boys were interested watching more when we got home. Eventually everyone had a shower, brushed their teeth and headed to bed.

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