January 15, 2016

A late birthday celebration at the Wilson's!

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  • My alarm didn't go off this morning but even if it had, I can pretty much guarantee that I would not have gotten up.  I tried to climb out of bed before I was covered in kids but didn't make it.  Campbell was laying on top of me, Keaton between Robby and I, Graham on the other side of me and Reagan at our feet.  All this plus the silly heat blows right on me in the mornings-I was about to fry but thankfully was able to sneak out of the bed and get myself up.
  • Keaton was still gone this morning but school was still just as rowdy as ever.  On her own, Campbell started practicing her math on the computer just like the big 3 do.  Reagan is beginning to add and subtract fractions (remember how those fractions have to have the same denominator-oh, my.  I am going to have to take a review course!) Anderson is beginning division and Graham is starting multiplication.  I used to love math-not so much now that I have to check 10 different pages of it every single day!
  • Graham and Reagan seem to be racing these days over who can finish school first.  I don't care as long as they do a good job on their school.  Reagan usually does but Graham's handwriting is marginal at best so when he hurries-you can't read a thing.  Maybe he should be a doctor! We finished school in enough time though that we worked together this morning and even played a game before lunch.  
  • By the time that I had made lunch, Reagan had finished most of the chores so I rewarded everyone with some cookies.  While they baked, we read and read and read.  Then the kids had some downtime and Keaton came home.
  • Nonna and Pops brought her home and they also brought some candy for everyone.  Keaton divvied the candy out and everyone snacked on it (Reagan was later furious with me because she wanted her candy to be her snack and not Keaton's candy-oh the drama!) 
  • After I put Whitman in bed, Anderson and I worked on putting another lego piece back together.  This time we did a really tiny one-reworking all of her lego sets is going to take a bazillion years.  Now on the other side of the house, Whitman was again climbing out of his bed-over and over and over again.  At least 10 times.  I tried many different approaches putting him back in bed-being kind, patting his back, not speaking at all, spanking, raising my voice, staying in there so I could immediately throw him back in-I even tried them all at once but nothing at all worked!  Nothing!  
  • Eventually, I gave up and put him in time out downstairs. He really didn't like that at all-maybe because Robby was standing over him blowing bubbles which terrifies the boy!  We may try time out approach tomorrow during nap time-or just enroll him day care!
  • Supper was at the Wilson's house tonight to celebrate my birthday-salad, chicken spaghetti and some delicious desert that I loved (but the kids must not have since not a one of them finished their serving-now I am miserable stuffed because I felt obligated to finish theirs!)  The kids played inside and outside and us grown ups had ourselves a rowdy celebration-we talked about coupon and dark socks!  We even looked at store receipts and discussed how to store syran wrap!  
  • Once we made it home, the kids quickly brushed and went right to bed.  I tried to remind everyone that there is no reason to wake up early in the morning and please don't wake anyone else up at all-including me in the morning!
  • We added the pictures of yesterday's snow globes on our picture page today.  Aren't they just adorable?

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