January 6, 2016-Happy 38th Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday Tara!

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  • I was the first one awake this morning-I had hit snooze a bit longer than I planned so when I saw that the clock said 6:17, I shot out of bed and headed upstairs to that blasted treadmill!  (I am determined that my treadmill and I are going to become best friends this year.)
  • As soon as I was finished, I had a bit of time before Campbell came downstairs.  She has convinced herself that she is not sleeping during the night and maybe there is a bit of truth to this story since she has been downstairs at 7 the past few mornings.  She joined Robby in bed and soon Keaton was downstairs too.
  • Everyone woke up very smoothly and we were able to load up for Bible study in plenty of time and even had time for a few chores before leaving.  On the way, Graham remembered to ask everyone a very important questions-"do you have your shoes?" and thankfully today, everyone did have their shoes.
  • Back to Bible study today and the kids didn't miss a beat going into their classes.  Keaton's sweet teachers had her lost bracelet (from right after Thanksgiving) bagged and ready for her this morning.
  • Now if you remember, we also left Reagan's coat at Bible study.  I had assumed that she would ask her teachers or the teachers that she handed her coat too but nah.  I said ok and figure that is lesson learned-she really liked that jacket but since we have quite a few light coats that size and that one wasn't a fav of mine, I figure that was fine.  What I did realize today though was that my Anderson needs himself a fleece pullover or sweatshirt-we tried on 3 before we finally found one that barely fit.
  • After Bible study, we met our friends to play in the tubes.  The kids stopped playing briefly long enough to eat some lunch.  When they had played for a good while I told Whitman that we were going to leave and go see Beebee.  To this Whitman replied "that will be delicious!"
  • And delicious it was to Whitman and all the others since they devoured her box full of candy.  Beebee's friend Ms. Jane showed up as well as Nonna so that helped our stay go by a bit quicker.  When the clock neared 2, the kids started to get very antsy-Robby had given us some money to go to Sonic for happy hour!
  • Ordering at Sonic was complicated enough that I needed to write down the orders.  Small orange slushy with jolly ranchers, small grape slushy with nerds and on and on it went.  I didn't even order Whitman one since I was worried about him breaking/throwing his cup.  I did pour some slush and coke in his cup and that made him happy-until he ran out!
  • Once at home, the kids had some free time and I marveled at how quickly our afternoon was over.  I did have time to put away some of my birthday presents-powdered sugar canister, mixing bowls-oh, being an adult is so much fun!
  • Robby came in as the kids were finishing supper and we ran to the library and then to church.  Tonight Robby and I were the game leaders and over and over and over and over and over and over we played the same game with different groups of kids.  By the end we were pretty tickled at how excited the kids would become during our silly little game that we were playing.
  • At home, the kids sang Happy Birthday to me and we celebrated my birthday tonight with ice cream and sprinkles.  Then it was bedtime and I continued my birthday celebration with take out chinese and hopefully some ice cream (do you see why that treadmilll and I must become great friends?)

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