January 11, 2016

Tooth be gone!

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  • Last Monday was perfectly calm, even peaceful but not so much today.  Today, everyone was pretty spirited-almost distracted.  That was fine though because we still managed to accomplish everything that we needed to.  Campbell did become the preschool teacher for Keaton and Whitman-she packed their lunch, read them stories and made them take "naps" in the mudroom.  
  • As I helped pick up after lunch, there were lunch boxes (how could a homeschool family have so many lunch boxes, I will never know!) and blankets everywhere in this house.  Those kids played hard this morning and used every inch of this house in their "preschool time."  I do know that my Campbell will never have to wonder what she is supposed to do when she grows up-she will be a teacher or a full time  mom.  
  • We had lunch and I was in such a happy mood to finally be done with school that I even let the kids eat some of my nutella.  Or I was possibly trying to bribe them for good behavior in the upcoming chores.  I did seem to take forever to do chores today but we finally accomplished everything so around 2:30 is when we started on our together work (much later than last weeks 11:00) but it was peaceful and calm-since Whitman was in his bed snoozing happily.  He was thrilled that I let him to go bed with his new blanket and slept soundly.
  • Reagan, Campbell, Keaton and I ran to a baby shower at church this evening.  The girls are funny when it is just them-they become ever girlier when it is just them.  Robby had told Whitman that I was leaving and when I did, he could have a lollipop (so he wouldn't fuss) and Whitman replied "that's a good idea." 
  • The shower was quick and we rushed home for supper-hot dogs, beans and fries.  We pulled out all of the stops for this football evening.  At the start of the game, the girls worked on their snow globes for an upcoming project.  The whooping and hollering from the boys, let at know that the game was on and we migrated to the living room.  
  • Reagan helped me make cookies for everyone and she really can care less about football so she poured milk and passed out cookies for us all without being asked.  They were delicious-I might even make some tomorrow (no, not really-still slowly developing my relationship with the treadmill!)
  • Currently, my people are watching the National Championship game with their tummies full of cookies and milk.  The little heater is on and the living room couldn't be any cozier.  Hopefully though half time will come soon and we can send these people to bed.  It didn't seem that long ago that the kids could watch a bit of football and then at halftime we could tell them the game was over and they would happily go to bed thinking they had seen all of the game.  Sure can't do that anymore...but we never, never would have done anything like that at all.  No, never!  :)

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