January 19, 2016

Studying up on Nehemiah!

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  • Last night as we were putting Whitman into bed, Graham did his normal routine of hastily grabbing his school work so he could start early in the morning.  Last night he remembered that he was on the schedule to work with me first this morning and asked if we could work together first thing in the morning.
  • So after I hit snooze a zillion times on my alarm, I finally remembered that Graham would come down soon ready to work so I better get myself out of bed so I could first have myself breakfast.  As soon as I had finished my last bite of breakfast, I heard my G coming down the stairs.  We cuddled on the couch and did his spelling and language lesson before anyone else stirred.
  • Then it was up the stairs for me to wake up sleeping Keaton so I could get her ready for school.  Campbell started making the cinnamon toast while I dressed Keaton but she still didn't have enough time to eat with us and had her breakfast to go as Robby took her to school.
  • Since I had worked with Graham early this morning, I thought I would finish working one on one with the kids earlier than usual but nope, today was later than usual.  No homeschool day is ever the same around here but that is fine since the day was fairly smooth-lots of kiddos were way behind in Bible study and had to finish the week out.  I don't understand how you get behind when you do one to two lessons every day...maybe I should start double checking that work!  
  • We had lunch and then we finished our chores and before I knew it, I was outside with the kids.  I had been working quietly in the school room when I finally relented and went out with them.  They needed someone to be the caller in the game they were playing.  This led to a few rounds of red light green light which lasted forever.  Finally I was able to come back inside but by then, I was pretty frozen.  My Campbell wasn't even wearing a jacket-crazy child.  I made sure Whitman was bundled up but I figure everyone else should be smart enough to get a jacket when they are cold (she did have a coat and gloves though)
  • After we thawed out, Reagan made snacks for everyone-pretzels and a bit of icing.  I tried to make the wayward child take a nap while I put some clothes away...after finishing the clothes, I gave up on the wayward child and just let him alone (he eventually found me on the treadmill)
  • Robby and Keaton came home and we had supper.  Then Robby made cookies while the kids worked on a Nehemiah coloring page and had showers.  After eating our cookies we watched a video and then it was time for bed for the crew.  Tomorrow will be a busy day...if we don't have any winter weather (crossing my fingers!)

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