January 3, 2015

Silly Faces!

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  • Tomorrow school will start back for the kids and Robby will head back to work so this Sunday morning was a good practice for us getting back into the swing of things.  The result: we need more practice.  Robby and I had set our alarm early enough but it rang and rang and rang some more before we finally got out of bed-not because of the alarm but because if we laid there any longer, church would start without us.
  • The clothes were laid out and I only had to change 2 shirts this morning so that was handy.  It probably helped that Keaton had brought down 3 sets of Sunday clothes (and when we came home, she took off her Sunday clothes and put on more Sunday clothes.)
  • When Robby dropped us off at the door at the church house, he told the kids "you have one minute to see each grandparent and that is it."  We did end up talking to Nonna and Pops a bit longer because we convinced them that today was not their Sunday to feed us and decided on another night to eat her food that she had made for us.  Then we went over to Grannymom's row and told her about Nonna's silly mistake but she told us that we were the ones wrong!  Lunch at was indeed at Nonna's house and we were the ones that were wrong.  
  • Back to a regular schedule at church this morning and then to Nonna's house for lunch-chili and all of the fixings.  The big kids and I played the game of Life after lunch.  Reagan received this game for Christmas and this was the first time that I played it.  I realized that they weren't exactly playing right (no one reads the instructions anymore) so I tried to explain all of the rules but will need to play a few more rounds so everyone can remember all of the rules.
  • Then we headed home for the afternoon.  Not a whole lot happened this afternoon-some laundry, some naps, some xboxing but that was really about it.  Robby made grill cheese for everyone and then we all sat around the table and watched Anderson eat a mandarin orange.  I say that he ate one but I really mean that he choked down a sliver of one.  It was quite entertaining and he is probably scared for life.
  • The kids picked up some tonight and then Graham worked on his guitar for a little bit before we played a game or two or fifteen of charades before bedtime.  A loud and rowdy game is probably not the best thing to play before putting the kids to sleep but they seem quite right now so hopefully everyone will go to sleep soon-tomorrow is back to school day (wish us luck!)

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