January 21, 2016

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  • Last night after we had emphatically reminded Campbell to stay in bed, I was woken up by the loudest thunder that I had ever heard.  I laid in bed quietly waiting for multiple children to burst into our room terrified from the thunder but nope, I never heard anyone.  I guess I was the only one who was terrified from the thunder.  Graham said that he heard it too but I don't really believe him too much since he pretty much has convinced himself that he stays up all night every night.
  • Again this morning, the first thing I did was the check and see if winter weather had come through-checked my phone just in case school had been cancelled and then checked the window-just in case.  Nothing was seen so I quickly dressed Keaton, Whitman and Reagan (who just wore her pajamas-I really can't talk since I have had mine on for a very, very long time myself).  Tuesday Keaton had to eat in the car and pancakes and waffles were pretty difficult to serve in the car so I had to move to get breakfast on the table for them.
  • Reagan took her a few things to work on while she was out with Robby and Whitman dropping off Keaton and running a few errands.  While they were gone, I did my best to encourage everyone else to get all of the work done that they could.  We managed to be moving along fairly well when the other came home.  
  • Whitman came running into the room and gave me a huge hug shouting "I home, Mommy."  Bless that child-he barely survived nap time and no matter the consequences he continued to climb out of bed.  He can just make you crazy but then minutes later, he can make you laugh out loud.  His latest-today while pottying, he told us that his "poopoo was broken down."
  • After school this morning, we worked on our science and did some reading and then it was lunch time.  By lunch time, we were all talking about what the weather might hold tomorrow.  We did find out that the kids Ninja night for tomorrow night has already been cancelled and it might be looking like we might have to cancel Reagan's day at Altitude with her friends.  This makes me sad but the possibility of snow makes me happy, happy, happy.  Now the possibility of snow makes Robby feel depressed and trapped.  I have offered and provided at least a dozen excuses for us to go to Kroger today to pick up the necessary snow items-potatoes (for soup), carrot (for a nose), gasoline (for the generator) and ice cream (for a snack) and diet coke (for us to make it through a day in the house).  But I could never get him to take me up on a trip to the store.
  • Nonna brought Keaton home this afternoon and they brought oreo pudding for everyone's snack.  We ate their snack and then Keaton asked Nonna to help her make her bed.  Nonna obliged and then after a while Nonna headed home and we began our winter weather vigil.
  • Robby had chili in the crock pot but before we passed it out, the kids had a quick project.  They built Nehemiah's wall and Ezra's temple out of marshmallows and graham crackers.  Nehemiah finished the temple in 52 days so we only had 15 minutes and 20 seconds to finish ours.  The kids loved this...or maybe they just loved us letting have as many marshmallows, icing and graham crackers that they wanted.
  • We then moved the little chairs and table to the living room and we all camped out in front of the tv to watch the hogs play.  Everyone ate their chili and all of the fixings and then at half time, everyone ate up their wall and temple.  When they were eating the wall, Anderson said that it was now the walls of Jericho being destroyed.
  • The kids watched some of the game but they soon lost interest when we started losing.  We kept it on and watched until the bitter end and then it was time to put my kiddos into bed...I am sure that all will dream about lots and lots of snow falling on the ground! (I certainly will!)  My Graham could hardly be still tonight long enough for me to kiss him goodnight because he is so excited.

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