January 16, 2016-Happy Birthday Beebee!

Celebrating Beebee's Birthday!

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  • Our bed was full way too early this morning for a Saturday but that was fine since it was at least after 7.   The kids were quiet and everything was peaceful...until I looked over at Anderson.  He had bumped heads with Brett last night and his eye was a bit swollen when he went to bed.  So this morning, when I looked at him I burst out laughing-the boy was wearing an eye patch! 
  • Robby made waffles for breakfast this morning and the kids devoured them (even though we didn't have enough strawberries to have for breakfast).  They were good enough that we talked about what else we could make on our waffle maker-brownies, hashbrowns, oh the possibilities are endless.
  • After breakfast everyone made cards for Beebee's birthday.  Reagan made the biggest card I have ever seen and my Anderson made the same card that he makes for every birthday-the birthday person and himself in the lower right hand corner of the page.  Today's card was especially cute because he was standing right beside Beebee who was sitting in her wheel chair and she was even wearing a birthday hat!
  • The 3 littles and Robby loaded up to run a few errands this morning.  They had a big time at Kroger, Target, and Sams.  While they were gone the big 3 played the xbox and I worked around the house. When they arrived home, they had enough time to switch cars and for the rest of us to load up then it was off to Beebee's place.
  • Jason, Nonna and Pops were already there.  Beebee was 93 today and so loved opening her presents and reading her cards.  We gave her a picture frame with a picture in it (she had requested this gift) Now, she can be ornery at times but she does have her mind and still thinks pretty clearly.  Mom had made a delicious carrot cake and we all enjoyed it (well, Campbell and Keaton hardly tried any and Anderson took every single pecan out of it but the rest of us enjoyed it.)
  • After hugging Beebee we headed to Kroger.  We had just a few items to pick up there but the kids were so pleasant that we just stayed and stayed and shopped and shopped.  They were so calm (even after cake and coke) that we even looked at the toys.  I do believe that Kroger is my happy place.
  • We then picked up our free pizzas (the school kids do the book it program and get a mini one each month) and then ran home for a minute.  Then we loaded back up to go to Grannymom's house so we could get another free pizza (mystery shop).  We all ate there and then the kids and I played a game while Whitman had a bath.  After drinking lots of juice, he came to us saying "I'm very soaky" and that he was.
  • We came home and the kids watched the first half of the ballgame between showers.  They would have liked to stay up for the whole thing but they were still pretty tired even after our lazy Saturday. 

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