January 5, 2016

Celebrating Tara's Birthday with the Brocks at Pei Wei!

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  • This morning as we were laying in bed snuggling with Campbell, I listened to my quiet house and heard the heater making the most beautiful sounds.  I had never heard the heater sound so nice-it was so nice that I could have laid in bed a bit longer listening to the heater...
  • A few minutes later, I was walking through the house opening up blinds and turning on the lights and I realized that those beautiful sounds were coming from my Grahammy and his guitar.  He was sitting in front of the heater strumming his guitar working on the D chord. That kiddo knew it was school morning and was patiently waiting on Whitman to wake up so he could get in the school room and start on his work.
  • This was Keaton's first day back to school and even though she was excited about going she was not pleased with any piece of clothing that I suggested for her.  We finally compromised though this did send her morning off to a rocky start.
  • By the time that breakfast had rolled around, everyone had calmed down and we ate our cinnamon toast and yogurt.  As soon as breakfast was over we all started on school.  
  • Whitman played with his trains for a long while and then he came downstairs asking for his kindle.  I gave him the legos to sort by colors and him and Campbell went to work on that.  She was so pleased whenever he would put them on the right color mat.  Then they moved on to some letter matching and then Anderson came in and worked on an ABC puzzle with him.  Whitman worked hard and was pretty happy with all of the attention he received during school today.
  • And even with all of this happening, the kids still finished school around 11 (we still had our together work to do during the afternoon.) Of course I should have been happy about all of this but I had to sit down and think about if I had left anything out but I do believe they are doing a full load for us.  It does help that Reagan, Anderson and Graham had just started a new math book and so far their math is very easy for them,
  • Anderson made lunch today and it took forever but when he had finished, the kids convinced me to let them eat in the floor of the living room. So they ate while I read a few books to them.  This afternoon we did our chores and then we worked on catching up on our science.
  • The kids played their kindles, played the xbox and even played an old Lightening McQueen atari type game.  And along with that they also did a but of running on the treadmil-I did my share too but everyone else wanted to have a turn as well.
  • Robby brought Keaton home from Grannymom's house and we had a bit of time before we loaded up and met Nonna, Pops and Jason at Pei Wei for my first birthday dinner.  We beat the rush and we all feasted on our dishes and fortune cookies.  The kids had a lot of fortune cookies-Campbell opened up her first cookie and looked at the print and said "I can't read this, it is in French."  It wasn't French but a few Chinese characters.
  • After supper, we ran by Starbucks for a birthday drink and then on to Nonna's for cake and presents.  I am pretty excited about 38 and was super excited about my presents-a cookbook and paper from Jason, 2 shirts and an upcoming shopping trip from Nonna,  post it notes, magnets, mixing bowls, muffin pan and powdered sugar canisters from Robby, a coupon for 5 free hugs from Anderson, a coaster from Reagan, post in notes (from my drawer) from Graham, a pencil, a few post in notes and a piece of wood from Campbell and a neat snowman card from Keaton.  
  • Once we made it home, the kids definitely needed showers when we made it home so that was first and then on to bedtime!

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