January 22, 2016-Snow Day!

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  • At 11 last night, I was emptying the dishwasher and I heard someone flush the potty upstairs.  I stopped what I was doing and looked up the stairs.  Before I could even tell if they were headed back to the boys room or the girls room, Anderson and Graham appeared at the stairs and in unison they shouted "it's snowing!"
  • Of course, we already knew it was snowing because I had looked out the window 32 times and had talked to Pops a dozen times too.  I told the boys to come downstairs so they could look out the big window and really see the snow.  I hoped that would appease them so they could go ahead and fall asleep-they had been in bed for hours and were too excited to sleep.  Silly boys!
  • At 5 something, Robby told me to go and look out the window so I could see the snow and indeed it was very pretty.  Then at 7 we could hear the kids up running from room to room looking out of the window.  Sweet Keaton told Anderson "thank you for waking us up so we could see the snow."  They looked out the kitchen windows, the big windows and the bonus room windows and out every window was snow.  We even saw the deer out this morning looking for food-there were plenty of tracks to discover later in the day.
  • Reagan and I eventually got around and started on breakfast-she had picked out a recipe from a pioneer woman cookbook to make and this snow day was the day.  She chose eggs in the hole-basically a piece of bread with a fried egg in it.  We made 6 of those and by the end she was a pretty good egg in the hole maker.  Robby said that he really liked them and later watched a video of someone making 2 eggs in a hole and then turning it into a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich in it.
  • And the glory of homeschooling-everyone did a bit of school before going out into the snow.  I told them that we could go out at 9 and by 9 everyone was pulling on coats and shoes and everyone (and I mean everyone) was asking me to zip, button, pull, snap and find things.  I had yet to put on my winter clothes or Whitmans-he fought me with every pair of pants that I put on him.  By the time I was putting on his gloves and hats I was already sweating.  I quickly pulled on my clothes and stuffed myself in my ski pants and started work on everyone else who needed my help.  When they were all bundled I was reminded and reassured of my decision to never ever ever take my people skiing.  I could have just laid down on the floor and taken a nap.
  • Snow days are so much fun-everyone was so happy to see and be in the snow.  Last year within 10 minutes Keaton and Whitman were crying and Campbell was close to tears.  Keaton didn't even go out during some of our snow days last year-she had seen it and didn't like it.  Not this year-Keaton and Whitman did great (until the end!)  We walked down the road to the hill down the street and over and over again we slid down the hill.  
  • We didn't slide down as fast as we did last year but it was still fun.  The only problem was once you were at the bottom of the little hill you had to walk back up it carrying your sled.  Some could climb quickly up the hill, others like Campbell could not at all.  She would take forever to get back up the hill.  Whitman was just as slow and would usually walk right in the middle of our sledding path.  
  • We all had turns going down the hill and whenever Whitman saw an empty spot on a sled, he would sit himself down.  Once Anderson was laying on his tummy getting ready to sled down and Whitman laid on top of him.  Robby went ahead and gave them a push and we watched expecting Whitman to roll off of his brother but he held on tight and they made it down the hill.
  • On our walk back to the house, Whitman's shoes started coming off. I am sure they were so full of snow that they just became heavy.  Robby picked up him and carried him on to the house.  Keaton, Graham and I were in the back of the pack when Keaton's boots started coming off.  She had said that her socks were coming off but I didn't really understand until she called to me standing in the snow on one foot with her other bootless and sockless foot dangling in the air.  We put that boot back on and 3 feet later the other one was off.  After we did this a few times, Graham and I tried to push her on the sled.  I wasn't much help since I was carrying another sled, the camera and at least a dozen gloves that had been handed to me.  
  • I asked Graham to stay with Keaton who was sitting on the sled with 2 bare feet and hurried to the porch to throw down my armful of stuff and then I carried Keaton back to the house.  By the time I made it to the garage I completely understood why people die of heart attacks in the snowy weather.  My sweet Graham helped me bring all of the stuff inside and then it was Operation Find Dry Clothes.
  • The kids worked some more on their school work and everyone but Campbell and Anderson finished their work for the day (they can finish tomorrow since they just have to work with me) and before too long it was lunch time.  Robby worked on lunch and even made cake pops for our afternoon snack.
  • Little was done around here this afternoon-we watched movies, played the xbox, napped, looked out the windows and really did little more than this.  It was a great afternoon and we ended it with showers and then supper.
  • Robby made hamburgers and we had cookies as dessert after we worked on our Nehemiah chapter for the day.  The kids had their cookies and then we had a few more minutes before bedtime to watch tv for a few minutes.  Overall this was a great snow day...hopefully we will have at least 2 more before this winter is over!

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