January 13, 2016

Ruh Roh!

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  • Wednesday morning and gracious me, I barely was able to get myself out of bed.  But I did manage and thank goodness for Graham and Campbell, my current early risers, who were the first to stir and were happy to help wake everyone else up.
  • Breakfast was easy this morning-pop tarts-and really, getting everyone ready was fairly easy.  The kids are slowly becoming more independent.  For example, Reagan and Graham remembered that today was trash day (when they saw me holding a trash bag) and quickly claimed two trash cans to empty.  
  • I know that I mention just about every Wednesday how much my kiddos love Bible study but oh, they certainly do...and today as I sat quietly waiting for it to start, I realized that I love it too.  
  • We had our lunch at Rock Creek and the sun was shining through the windows and it was blazing hot inside there.  The kids were sweaty messes when we left to our next stop.  We then went to two stores to pick up Beebee something and another birthday present.  At our last stop, the Dollar Tree, I was pretty thankful for the kids good behavior and pretty exhausted so I did succumb to pressure and let them all pick something out for today's snack (and could you believe that Reagan was shocked that I wouldn't let her eat an entire 1 pound bag of gummy worms during snack!)
  • Once at home, we all unloaded and then I put Whitman into bed thinking that I might just walk on the treadmill one more time today.  But then I spent my entire afternoon walking up and down the steps putting wayward child number 6 back into his bed.  I swear that I put him back into bed 10 times before I just game up and went downstairs to lay on the bed and snooze as Campbell and Keaton made card after card right beside me,
  • My little girls helped me make our nutritious supper tonight.  We ate while the kids took turns reading their snow globe story for tomorrow and then we headed to church. At church, Robby and I did games again in the preschool area and we were plumb exhausted by the time that we made it home.
  • Tonight Anderson's class was able to go shopping-he wisely purchased a large inflatable hammer (oh my!) and then that sweetie also bought a little something for all of this brothers and sisters.  
  • We passed out snacks before putting everyone in bed and tonight was a bit different than nap time for Whitman.  He climbed out of his bed only one time before he was reminded on his bottom where he was to stay for the rest of the night and so far it has worked!

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