January 9, 2016

Rocking out!

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  • Sometime during the wee morning hours, one or all of the kiddos came downstairs and retrieved their kindles and took them back upstairs.  So the kids played their kindles upstairs for a very long time this morning while we snoozed away.  Maybe we should start keeping those kindles right beside their beds instead of behind that locked closet door (kidding!...possibly)
  • Robby eventually made breakfast-eggs, cheese and sausage on bagels which was a great hit (except for Whitman-he only said "no likey this" over and over again.  He finally did find some cheese that was acceptable to his taste!
  • The kids did a little work on an upcoming school project and before we knew it, Graham was already back home.  Grannymom and Grandpa brought G home and everyone happy to see him and hear about what all he did on his day away.  
  • We fought the rain and headed to the mall to eat a cookie (another mystery shop) but this one did involve cookies from two different places.  First stop Robby bought the boys cookies and the next stop he bought the girls cookies.  When I was walking around with just the boys, I walked into the Gap with them and they were like caged animals trying to get out of that place.  They could not help me find the exit any faster-unlike my mom and Reagan, I do not like to shop but those boys really, really do not like to shop!
  • Unfortunately, while we were at the mall we did discover that the pretzel place is now closed.  I asked Reagan where she was going to get a snack now if she returned to the mall with Nonna and she said "I guess we will just have to get a cookie."
  • Next stop was Target for Campbell and I.  We were finally able to find her toy that we have been looking for since Christmas.  She was pleased as she could be about this and her and the girls played with them for a good while this afternoon.
  • Then Robby ran into a Walgreens to pick up pictures and I ran into Sams to pick up more pictures.  By this time my boys were getting very anxious to get home and watch the basketball game.  We reminded that they only watched a bit of the hog football game last weekend before the lost interest.  So today they did stick with it and watch every bit of that game.
  • After supper, everyone had showers and then we played a round of Apples to Apples-I won!  The kids had a few more minutes of kindle time and then it was bedtime for my sleepy crew.    

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