January 18, 2016

Wishing for snow!

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  • There might have been about 10 sprinkles of sleet or snow on the patio this morning but the kids spent at least an hour looking at it, touching it, collecting it and throwing it.  They were ecstatic when even more fell but it didn't amount to much either.  They did lay out Whitman's playdoh to collect what they could-didn't work.
  • We did have our breakfast and when Robby left for work, Whitman was sitting right beside me and that is pretty much where he stayed all during school.  He was happily working his fruit pie puzzle (seriously, he is so smart).  But the reason the poor guy was calm and hanging by me today was that he has a bit of a cold (as do all of us right now)....upside-his cold did help him sleep super well at nap time.
  • School was moving along splendidly and then I realized that I was the only one doing school work-everyone else was sitting in the kitchen playing with playdoh.  I thought about making them do their work but I just let them play...and when they did begin their school work again, then everyone was happy (and pretty far behind)
  • They all still managed to be near finishing by 11 and we were able to do most of our together work.  But before I was able to start this Reagan led everyone is completing their chores as fast as they could.  I had told them that we just had a few minutes before we started together work and she started shouting at the kids, ordering them around...just like me! (Not really!)  They were able to mark most things off of the chore list and they all felt relieved to have a fairly free afternoon.
  • We had lunch and read enough books that my head started feeling stuffy and my throat scratchy (I guess I have what everyone else has).  Then we finished a few chores, the stragglers finished up their school and Campbell spent most of the afternoon working on the chalkboard.  I used to really try to have something cutesy up on that chalkboard but who am I kidding?  I don't have time for that-each Monday a new artist is responsible for it and today was Campbell's day.
  • When Robby came home, I ran to the Wilson's house to pick up a few clothes they had outgrown and when I made it home, I just dumped the clothes in the floor and everyone (except W) walked away with clothes to put in their drawers to wear right now and then I had a whole bunch to save for summer or even next summer.  
  • Robby made supper (leftovers) and we all ate and then the kids convinced him to make cookies...and nothing goes better with cookies than a movie so we watched The Incredibles and ate our cookies.  After the movie, it was bedtime but first we did a little study on Nehemiah and tonight we watched the story of Nehemiah made from minecraft blocks-the kids loved it.  

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