January 12, 2016

Gametime before bedtime!

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  • Campbell was again this first one awake this morning but at least she waited until 7 to come downstairs. I was already up and marking things off of my list when she came downstairs but she was just so warm and cuddly that I couldn't pass up a chance to snuggle with her in bed for just a few more minutes.
  • Keaton was ready to go to school today and along with her, Robby took the papers to sign her and Whitman up for school next year.  Now my Keaton is perfectly ready to be the 5th Dennie to pass through Ms. Stacy's class but my Whitman...oh, gracious.  Poor Ms. Jennifer will have her hands full.
  • But we did work on one requirement for preschool today-pottying!  My Whitman went to the potty for the first time for me today.  Not just once did he do this but 3 separate times-hopefully it just clicked and he will do the same thing tomorrow.  It was a big deal around here because when he pottied, everyone received a lollipop.  As he was doing his job, I stood beside him praising him and he looked down and said "it's not broken anymore."
  • School today went pretty well but I have noticed that if Reagan or Graham think they are going to be the last ones finished with school, they panic and start trying to bargain with me about what they have to do. My Anderson doesn't care if he is the last one or not-in fact, he was still finishing up some things after supper tonight.  
  • We spent the morning doing our school and even had time for all of our together work before lunch rolled around.  The boys also worked on their snow globes for Thursday's project and Graham still had some writing of his story to do-writing is not his strong point and oh, the drama!  We all survived though.
  • Lunch and then chores around here.  Having everyone home all day long makes it necessary to do chores but I am beginning to wonder how the kids see all of this.  Tonight after Reagan climbed out of the shower, she put her hair up in a towel and said "Look, I'm mom" and then she began "do you chores, put your laundry up, do your math, clean the potties." I promise you, I sound nothing like that at all...or do I?
  • The afternoon flew by with not too much excitement and soon my Keaton and Robby were home.  Campbell and Reagan have taken a great interest in cooking and they both made pretty much all of supper.  We all ate and then showers for the crew.  
  • Robby tried to find the last half of the football game for the boys (they had already seen the highlights) but they were not able to watch the whole last half as Robby had hoped.  The kids didn't care-the girls and I worked puzzles, the boys spent more time wrestling than watching the game clips and Whitman was focused on his new show: The Little Einsteins.  After I had helped work at least a hundred puzzles and the boys had wrestled until they were exhausted, we sent our crew to bed!

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