January 1, 2016

Eating our hog jowl and black-eyed peas!

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  • Other than vacations and New Year's Eve do we all sleep in the same room around here but I am always surprised when 8 of us can get a good nights sleep in the same room.  Whitman did sleep downstairs last night but the rest of us still managed to sleep wonderfully well.
  • Robby did head downstairs around 7 and stayed down there until Whitman woke up and then they came up to wake the rest of us up.  Everyone woke up in a good mood despite staying up so very late.  We cleaned up, put on our clothes and Robby made everyone breakfast.
  • After breakfast, we picked up some and then it was time to head to Grannymom's house for lunch (pretty much today has been a day of food around here-and I do believe that I am ready to have my stomach pumped)  Grannymom had made for us a good serving of health and wealth (black-eyed peas and hog jowl) along with potatoes and quiche.  The kids ate up and so did we.  After lunch, Robby and I left to go and see a movie.
  • Yes, if you are a faithful reader you will know that I am not a big movie person but I went anyway and did enjoy myself.  We went to the theater that has recliners and I will say that it is pretty strange laying down with 40 strangers.  Now Robby and I did get popcorn and a huge drink-Robby said that the boys ate 2 containers of that popcorn when they last went to the movies but we were not even able to eat 1/4th of it. And, of course, the drinks caused us to have to go to the bathroom a zillion times during the movie. 
  • We picked the kids up and then headed home for just a few minutes.  Whitman fell asleep in the car and continued his nap in the car and the kids helped us unload a few groceries and then had some downtime.  After I helped the girls pick out some clothes for tomorrow's Fancy Nancy birthday party that they are attending, it was time to load up and head down the road to the Wilson's house.
  • We potlucked taco salad and the grownups ate and the kids ended up eating too when they thought about it.  The grown-ups talked and the kids played and broke things (yep, we break something every time we go over there!)  Then as we were about to leave we stared playing a game and played and played-I did demonstrate my excellent knowledge of trivia (kidding!) 
  • Once at home, it was bedtime for my crew-they are tired and cranky (or maybe that is me and Robby!) Seriously, we need to work on getting back into a routine around here so Monday morning will not hit us so hard!

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