January 14, 2016

Girl Power!

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  • Some mornings you don't have to wake anyone up around here.  Today was one of those days-I heard them moving around upstairs before I even rolled out of bed.  I think that Reagan was already working on helping straighten the house even before breakfast.
  • We had our breakfast and then it was off to school for Keaton.  Whitman went along for the ride (practicing for next year and running a few errands with Robby.)  As soon as they had left, we finished with the house and then worked on our science lesson for the day.  We even had a few minutes to read a chapter from a few books-we are reading 2 right now that the kids are so interested in and they even grumble when I come to the end of a chapter.
  • Soon after we had finished, our homeschool buddies started arriving.  All of the kiddos had written stories about how they had become trapped in a snow globe.  Every story was so interesting and unique.  My kiddos stories were about going on a walk with Mom and Dad and becoming stuck in the snow globe (Campbell), about seeing a shiny Santa inside a snow globe and trying to grab it (Graham), about eating cookies and drinking milk with Santa and Mrs. Claus (Anderson) and about ending up at Magic Kingdom (Reagan).
  • They had all made the cutest snow globes out of paper plates and the snow inside was salt....unfortunately my glue didn't really hold so I had salt in every single room in my house.  Don't worry though, my kids won't be licking the floors because it is epsom salt and they have all discovered that doesn't taste very well.
  • The kids were incredible calm today and after our reports, we read a book about a family in a snow globe and then Amber had a few snow globes for us to shake and pass around.  I am sure that my kids have seen snow globes but probably have never been able to touch them so this was a big hit. 
  • Lunch was next and then the kids headed outside to play and there they stayed for the rest of the afternoon.  It was a pretty pleasant day (and all of my people stayed out of trouble-no chasing of others with a hammer like last time!)  I had made one batch of cookies but Robby ended up making two more batches of cookies and we passed them out through the opened kitchen window.
  • The kids worked hard on making ninja videos to send in for church in a few weeks.  There was also lots of swinging and ball playing.  When everyone left, we quickly picked up and then we had to shower everyone off to get that stinky outside smell off of them.  
  • It wasn't too long afterwards that Nonna arrived to take Keaton away for the day.  She was so excited and even ended up at Chuck E Cheese-my little girl had never been there before so this was a big treat for her and then they went out to eat after her playtime.  I am sure that she had a big night and was exhausted when she went to sleep.
  • We couldn't let a Sonic deal pass us by so we loaded up to pick up the hamburgers that were on sale.  We had brought drinks and chips from home and just sat in the car eating our supper while the kids ate and watched a movie.  It was almost like we were at a drive in movie.  
  • On the way home, there was a wreck half way down Lawson so we had to turn around and go home another way which seemed to take forever but was a nice little drive-it would have been much nicer if it had been daylight and we could have really enjoyed the drive.
  • Once at home, the kids played for a while and then it was bedtime...tomorrow is back to reality with a full day of school!  

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