January 30, 2016

Watching ball!

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  • Two nights of being out late or even all night long and Robby has faithfully done the blog for me. I think that he might just like doing the blog! But I do like it more so I will not let him completely take it over but it sure is nice to have a break.
  • Reagan and I slept well and woke up in the lap of luxury.  I heard Candice making pancakes early this morning but I didn't offer to help-instead I taught 6 girls how to play the game of spoons.  Then it was time for a walk and then it was basketball time for the Heltz fam so the party was over.
  • Back at home the boys woke up and soon received hair cuts and then they all had a pretty relaxed morning.  When Reagan and I made it home, the house was perfectly clean and everyone was happily waiting on our arrival.
  • Reagan and I smelled of campfire smoke and Robby had just gotten off of the treadmill so we all needed showers and then loaded up to go and see Brett play basketball.  The kids watched the entire game-of course the boys loved watching the basketball game but Keaton and Campbell really watched too.  And when we came home, Reagan even sat down and watched a few minutes of the Hog game and even rooted them on some (she usually has no interest in sports of any kind).  Whitman was pretty busy during the game-at first Anderson got on to him for being too loud but Shannon said that it was fine.  But Anderson did watch the game but he made sure that Whitman did not continue scooting down the bleachers and end up in the middle of the court.
  • After the game, we ran to McDonalds for a quick bite to eat and then went to Kroger for some groceries.  My Reagan would prefer to stay at home every day and stay in the car at every stop that we ever make. It is like torture for her to get out of the car and actually have to go inside of a store-meanwhile, even though I do not like shopping at all, I really enjoy Kroger shopping.
  • We shopped and shopped and shopped some more and then everyone was rewarded with a doughnut from Krispy Kreme-last day to use our free coupons.  After we unloaded all of the groceries, turned the game on and passed out doughnuts-my Whitman was asleep and missed his share.
  • Most everyone watched the Hogs and Keaton tried her best to lay in my lap for a bit during the game but neither of us were able to take a nap. After the game, we started on our Saturday supper-pancakes (two weeks in a row makes a tradition).
  • The Wilsons came by to watch us eat (they had already eaten).  Then kids played some while we secretly ate Shannon's leftover cake.  There was lots more coupon talk tonight (we are so old!)  When the Wilsons left we sent the kids to bed and we had 5 kids stay perfectly in their bed but one little boy continued to climb out of his bed!

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