January 23, 2016-Snow Day Continued!

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  • Last night when I asked Robby what we were going to have for breakfast, he said that we had a good breakfast today (Friday) so we should just have pop tarts.  I wrinkled my nose and asked "on a Saturday?" Robby reassured me that the kids wouldn't leave if I served pop tarts for breakfast on a Saturday.
  • We did have those pop tarts for breakfast and soon the kids were looking to go outside.  Reagan was playing the xbox and said that she didn't want to go out (the boys usually hog the xbox so when the girls get a turn they are thrilled!)  But after she saw the rest of us bundling up, she was soon outside as well.
  • Today the sleds worked well in the yard and we were able to sled (somewhat slowly) down the side yard.  Whitman was just as interested in this today and would hitch a ride with anyone that would let him ride along.  The boys made a pile of snow under the swing and planned to jump off of the swing into the pile.  Of course they weren't too sure about the safety of this so they had Campbell test it out first!
  • I tell you, snow is some tough stuff.  All you do is work, work, work and laundry, laundry, laundry.  I am nearly caught up but gracious me, I am so glad that we don't live in Alaska.  The kids helped me straighten some after coming in and then we made lunch.
  • After lunch we had a bit of downtime and no one did much of anything.  Then we headed to drop Anderson off at the Kamps for the night but they weren't home so we ran to drop Graham off for the night at Nonna's house.  Graham has had a big night and even ended up at Chuck E Cheese.  Then it was back to drop off Anderson and they have played basketball, played in the snow, had pizza and ice cream and worked on legos so he has also had a big evening.
  • We ran to the grocery store along with everyone else who didn't get their milk and bread right before the storm-it was pretty crowded but we had 2 less kiddos so we were able to stay longer than usual!  I love the grocery store-is makes me so happy to see all of the food.  Robby had thought about going out to eat but at the last minute tried to buy something for supper but couldn't think of anything so we opted for pancakes or out to eat.
  • The Wilsons text and voted for pancakes so that is what we had.  Robby used his new griddle and learned to make pancakes and they were delicious.  Then I made biscuits from the Pioneer Woman cookbook-they were flat but pretty good.  Along with bacon and then brownies for dessert, we threw together a pretty good meal. The kids played and we planned a trip for 2017 while trying to cheer on the hogs to victory.  
  • Once our company left, we picked up the kitchen and put our people in bed.  Whitman asked about "my Grahammy and my Anderson" and I told me that they would be home in the mornings.  He then said "that makes me sad." 

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