January 7, 2015

Scary Face!

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  • Even though I checked my alarm clock last night before I went to bed, it sure didn't ring this morning or possibly it rang so many times that Robby turned it off without me knowing it.  Either way, no one stirred in my house until 7:30.  As soon as I realized that time it was, I did jump up knowing that we needed to get Ms. Keaton ready for school and out the door.
  • This was her day to bring the snack and of course she could not wait.  We found out yesterday that the person that brings the snack also gets to feed the fish and be the weather changer-thrilling!  When they left, we started on breakfast and then school.
  • Again the kids finished early today so they headed upstairs to have a dance party-poor Robby!  We have forced him out of his real office and he now works in a closet/pantry but today, we all danced (including me) above his head.  I am sure it sounded like the circus was above his head!
  • After the party was over, we went downstairs for all of our together work.  We breezed through science, history and some memory work before it was time for lunch.  During lunch, we read some more and concluded our lunch with me handing out the chores for the afternoon.
  • This afternoon some of the kids worked with me on a project for next week but other than that, not a whole lot happened on this rainy afternoon.  It was pretty perfect! 
  • At almost supper time, Nonna and Pops brought Keaton home.  She had a big day at Nonna's house and even came home with a new pair of boots.  She was thrilled with her new kicks and would have worn them to bed if I would have let her.  
  • We had our supper of leftovers-chicken spaghetti and chinese.  Keaton had brought a dessert from Nonna's house so we all feasted on it.  Then it was shower time for all of the kiddos.  And again this evening, we didn't do much of anything-we played xbox, played some games, lots of rounds of ring o round the rosie but overall it was a pretty good evening.

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