January 4, 2016

She really does love her brother...

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  • Well, after a month of very, very little school and two weeks of no school at all today was the day that we started back to a full load of school (it is a good thing that I didn't know that others were out of school today or I would have taken one more day off.)
  • I had to wake everyone up a bit after 7:30 and they all were sound asleep.  Thankfully they all woke up fine and we had our breakfast and started on school.  The day went fairly smoothly and the kids were finished with their school work before lunch time.  
  • The kids worked steadily on their work throughout the morning-though there were a few breaks to pour snow (torn pieces of paper) down from upstairs onto the heads of their siblings.  I tried to act like this wasn't happening but the kids would all meander back to their desks and school work.  
  • Robby came to work at home so I could run to a doctor's checkup.  I wasn't gone too long but long enough for lots of people to notice that I was gone-when I returned everyone met me at the door.  
  • This afternoon the kids didn't do a whole much but sure enjoyed doing nothing.  I believe that I was the only one that stayed busy and even cleaned the washing machine (it was a bit stinky.)
  • Supper was chicken spaghetti, green beans (Robby told me they tasted too green beany tonight) and biscuits.  We all ate and then the kids went upstairs to play something-when they saw Robby up there gathering laundry, they quickly changed their game to Duck, Duck, Goose but when he went downstairs he could hear the game change to something else-who knows what they were doing but at least no one or no thing was injured.
  • We did not serve as the kids cruise director tonight and just sat on the couch while they found their own entertainment before bedtime.  We did let them watch a Christmas peanuts right before bedtime-that is actually happening right now and I am covered up with Whitman in his new tractor blanket. 

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