Dennie Family Resolutions 2016

This year's resolutions for 2016

1. Learn to play a song on the guitar.
2. Go to a baseball game.
3. Weigh less than 190 pounds this time next year.

1. Exercise 3 times a week.
2. Finish the mirror for the mantle and the mantle decorations
3. Teach the kids to cook more.

1. Improve at soccer.
2. Get more accessories for her room.
3. Learn how to use the oven.
4. Eat more fruit.
5. Go to a football game.

1. Play putt-putt with the family.
2. Play flag football.
3. Go to Big Rock or Playtime Pizza.
4. Make breakfast for the family with Dad.
5. Get in shape.
6. Eat more fruit.

1. Go to a football stadium.
2. Learn how to write in cursive.
3. Learn to BBQ with Dad.
4. Learn to play the guitar.
5. Learn to play basketball.

1. Go to Altitude.
2. Go to Target.
3. Go to Playtime Pizza.
4. Go bowling.
5. Play all our games.
6. Make meals for the family.
7. Make a new friend.
8. Play soccer better.

1. Play soccer.
2. Play with Elsa doll and all her princess dolls more.
3. Play the Dora game on the Xbox.

1. Learn to potty.
2. Learn to sit still and obey.
3. Sleep in the boys' room.

Now I am really so embarrassed with how we did with last year's resolutions that I shouldn't even post them but just in case you need a really good laugh.  Robby said that we failed when we didn't post these some place so we could see them and be reminded of them (this year's list will be on the fridge!)

1. Take the family to Play putt-putt. (yes!)
2. Hike to the top of Pinnacle with the family. (yes!)
3. Weight 185 or less by this time next year. (nope)

1. Exercise 3x per week/Weigh about 10 pounds less than I do now. (ha, ha, ha, ha!)
2. Prepare our weekday lunches ahead of time. (never did it!)
3. Have better posture. (not really but I am more aware of my slouching)
4. Go to bed earlier/Read more. (went to bed at 1:30 last night but I did read the whole Mitford series this year and that was much more than usual)
5. Use a cookbook once each month. (never opened one)
6. Do something generous each month. (halfway accomplished)

1. Learn how to make desserts. (nope)
2. Drink more milk. (some better)
3. Go rock climbing. (no)
4. Train for Run with the Son. (she didn't even run in it this year since she was at a friend's house)
5. Plan the girls' bedroom. (accomplished!)

1. Play putt putt. (yes!)
2. Play flag football. (nope) 
3. Learn cursive. (mostly)
4. Climb to the top of Pinnacle. (yes!)
5. Train for Run with the Son. (no)
6. Go to Big Rock. (yes)
7. Make breakfast for everyone. (nope-I will do better on that one this year)

1. Learn a different language. (He says that the few Greek and Latin words we are learning for school count, I say they do not)
2.  Train for Run with the Son. (He says running to the big tree at the end of the driveway counts as training, I say it does not)
3. Go to Play Time Pizza. (yes!)
4. Make breakfast for everyone. (no)
1. Drive bumper cars. (yes!)
2. Finish her reading book. (so, so close)
3. Learn to count to 100. (yes!)
4. Go to Disney. (yes!)
5. Make sandwiches for everyone. (she probably has)

1. Learn the alphabet. (mostly)
2. Learn to count to 20. (pretty close)

3. No more pull ups at night. (not really)

1. Learn animal names and sounds. (nope)
2. Talk more (suggested by the kids and not me.) (unfortunately yes)
3. Learn to sit still and quiet. (ha, ha, ha, ha)
4. Start learning how to potty. (and again ha, ha, ha, ha!)

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