January 28, 2016

Igloo Builder!

(click here for today's pictures)

  • The boys were up early this morning but not downstairs.  They were busy building an igloo in their room complete with a fire, food and a few other items.  
  • The girls weren't as quick to get around and soon I was waking Keaton up to get ready for school. Whitman and Anderson also got ready as they were going along for the ride to school.  Pancakes and waffles for breakfast and soon Keaton, Whitman and Anderson were out the door with Robby.
  • The others got busy with school and seemed like we had just got started when the boys returned.  They had managed to stop by Sonic for a couple of big drinks.
  • School was fairly uneventful except for Whitman needing a bit of attention every once awhile. Eventually, he won out and found his Kindle.
  • Everyone finished their school boxes in a decent amount of time and then we did a few chores and then fixed lunch.  After lunch, we had some together work including putting together a huge skeleton on the wall and discussed the various bones.
  • Kindle time and movie time started and soon Nonna was bringing Keaton and to everyone's delight she came bearing baked goods - today's treat:  Snowman cookies!
  • I did a bit of time on the treadmill and then it was time for my escape -- headed to Bunko in Cabot tonight but not before picking up several folks who were riding with me.
  • Meanwhile, it was a fairly lazy night around here sounds like - boys played the Xbox and then the girls took a turn. Everyone had a shower at some point either before and after dinner.  
  • The boys asked if one of them could sleep in their earlie created igloo - by the time Graham cleared everything from the inside of the igloo and started bringing in his blanket, it collapsed :(  They were a bit disappointed but eventually was sound asleep and to Robby's delight - Whitman didn't try to get out of his bed once (maybe of it was his threat of having to sleep in the shed if he did!

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