January 2, 2016

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Off to a Fancy Nancy Party...

  • We heard the girls stirring around 8 this morning and I wasn't too surprised but I was definitely surprised when all 3 of them walked into my bedroom fully dressed and ready for the big party today.  Reagan was convinced that I had told them that they would need to be ready by 8 so I could do their hair with the curling iron.  Surely, I didn't say 8 because 10 is the time that I had in my head.  They didn't mind getting ready early and made plenty of time to continue adding items to their wardrobe.
  • Once everyone was awake and ready Robby made breakfast this morning and yes, all meals are still being cooked in that new toaster oven.  We might just take it on the next trip-kidding...unless Robby reads the blog and gets that idea in his head. 
  • The morning did fly by and soon the girls and I were loading up to go to Lily's Fancy Nancy birthday party.  The place was filled with fanicily dressed little girls and Reagan was thankful that she had some of her friends there (Alyssa Kate and Kaleigh) to hang with.  But those big girls aren't as big as they think they are because they sure did want to do the game where you had to dress up even more fancily. 
  • While we were partying, the boys ran a few errands.  Graham was in need of some shoes and they even found a few more items to help us organize this place a little bit better.  The boys were a bit bummed that Anderson's Gamestop gift card was in my car and not with them.  Oh, well there will always be another day to spend their gift cards.
  • When we all made it back home, we had bbq and watched the football game.  I so would have thought that the boys would have been all into the game but they only made it a quarter.  They watch other games on tv longer than they watched this one.  During half time Robby and I reorganized his closet (a little bit), the pantry and our bread cabinet.  We will see how long it all stays nice and neat.
  • During the second half, Whitman woke up from his nap and soon the game was over and all of the kids were in the showers.  Then after a bit of cleaning, it was supper time-seriously, I feel like all we do around here is feed these kids.  
  • We were able to play a quick game of charades and one other short game before calling it a night and sending everyone to bed a little bit after 8-we have to get back to a regular-ish schedule!

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