Christmas Ornament Countdown 2016: 12 Days Until Christmas

Sometimes on trips you just stumble upon neat little places and King's Mountain National Military Park was one of those places.  This was our 24th day of this year's road trip and we stopped at the connected state park for lunch. They had a great playground and the kids really enjoyed it.

Then we went to the National Park area and toured the visitor's center. It was a bit dated but still really nice. After watching the movie, we set off on a short hike. The hike was beautiful and towards the end it became very interesting because we knew we needed to potty before getting back on the road and we knew that the bathrooms closed soon. Our last bit of the hike was almost a sprint but we made it back in time.

We also made it back in time to buy an ornament to help us remember our fun little stop. Here are the blog and pictures from that day.

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