December 4, 2016

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  • Another busy day today-busy enough that I am going to have to sit and think about how our morning started. Yes, it is Sunday and we woke up and started getting everyone ready for church. Robby made cinnamon rolls and soon we were all loading up to head out.
  • Cash was with us last night so Robby, Reagan, Whitman and Keaton took him back to his house and then headed to church and I had Anderson, Graham and Campbell in my car and we went right to church because their choir was singing in the morning worship services and they needed to be there a few minutes early.
  • I dropped off my bags in my Sunday school room and went to see the grands. Robby's car load had already arrived and they were already talking to Nonna and Pops. Then we moved on to Grannymom and Grandpa's pew. 
  • Robby stayed in and watched the singers while I took Keaton and Whitman to their classes and headed upstairs to be with our Sunday school kids. Then it was to big church for all of us. The kids did good singing even though it was just one song. 
  • In our service this morning, the kids choir sang, Dave preached, we sang and then they baptized 16 folks. It was like church on speed-Dave talked so fast during the sermon that we didn't even have time to open our Bibles and they were baptizing folks so fast that water was splashing everywhere...but we were out on time!
  • We then went to Nonna's house and gobbled down our lunch. We had spaghetti and the fixings. We then all loaded up and went to pick up Grannymom and Grandpa and all 14 of us headed to the Governor's Mansion.
  • It was Christmas Open House at the mansion. We arrived a bit early but people were already walking through and we walked on towards the front door. Santa was standing on the front porch greeting everyone. He was a jolly ole Santa though he didn't quite look like the real Santa. 
  • We walked through the open rooms at the Mansion and then had a cookie and lemonade while listening to a little speech about Handel and then we heard the organ play for a bit. (Some of the kids had never heard an organ before.)
  • When we left, Santa handed out candy canes. Robby took his passengers home and I took my passengers home. Pops had to go to church at 4:30 so I sweet talked him into taking Reagan back to church a 4. The boys wanted to stay at Pops' house so they did and I headed on home.
  • Robby and the 3 littles were at the house already. We both snoozed while the others drew with Sharpies (probably wasn't wise for them to have Sharpies out while I was asleep), watched a few movies and then Whitman brought Robby the applesauce. That was enough to wake him up and he poured everyone some applesauce before we left for church.
  • We met the boys and the grands at church and watched Reagan and the rest of the Ignite group perform. Reagan had a short speaking part but we all watched intently-well, except for Whitman who slept soundly in my lap during the entire service. 
  • We ate supper at Dickeys tonight-kids eat free and we brought home enough meat to have nachos one night this week (but this week might just be too busy for us to actually eat anything-kids performance at Bible Study, hair cut for me and Campbell, Bunko for me, basketball practice, Reagan to Monticello on Saturday, boys first basketball games and 2 birthday parties at the house-I really shouldn't be blogging, I should be baking or folding laundry or cleaning)
  • Once at home, the kids pulled Santa and took turns picking a Christmas tree ornament for us to talk about. Then it was bedtime for my people-after Whitman's long nap during church I didn't think that he would go to sleep but I guess that he has because he hasn't been downstairs just yet. 

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