Christmas Ornament Countdown 2016: 8 Days Until Christmas

The Billy Graham library had been on our short list for a little bit. We have visited all of the presidential libraries and looked just as forward, if not more, to seeing Billy Graham's place. This stop was quite near the end of this year's road trip (day 24) but we were still going strong.

Click here for the blog and pictures from that day. My Graham was the little Dennie that was the most excited about this stop. We didn't name Graham specifically after Billy Graham but we did like the name and we also liked the man so it was a keeper name (same with Reagan). The tour of the library was really, really neat and since they had a neat scavenger hunt for the kids, they stayed crazy interested in what was going on. (We highly recommend for you to put it on your list.) Since we enjoyed it so much, we knew that we had to have an ornament and this is the one we picked.

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