December 21, 2016-Happy Birthday Campbell

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  • The holidays seem to be flying by and I can't believe that there are only 3 sleeps until Christmas left. That kind of makes me a bit sad that the holidays are a bit over but honestly, I am pretty ready to get my tree down this year. Robby just mentioned that it looks like someone has fallen into it and it truly does: ornaments are crooked, the top is leaning, the monorail is rarely on the track.
  • None of that mattered this morning though because we had a birthday to celebrate. Robby had cinnamon rolls ready and as soon as everyone was awake we sang Happy Birthday to Campbell. Can't believe that baby is 7 years old. It is after 10 and she is just now actually turning 7-if you remember, the held me off from having her until my doctor returned from his Christmas party.
  • She blew out her candles and then soon we started on our history and science. As soon as we had finished that, we did some speed chores since we had places to be this morning. The kids were heading to Grannymom's house while I ran a few errands to finish up some Christmas shopping.
  • The kids played outside some-a game of kickball and a bit of 4 square before coming in. They were all sitting in the house quietly when I came back. After Robby ran a few more errands on his way home from work, I believe that we are now completely ready for Christmas except for those daily trips to the grocery store that we will probably take over the next few days.
  • We came home around 2 and the kids watched movies until someone saw the neighbors outside. They were soon out of the house and only returned at 3-the exact time that I had told them they could have a snack. I sent them outside with their gingerbread houses and then I cuddled up with Whitman for a bit.
  • When Robby came home, we loaded up to take Reagan to Grace's house. A bunch of girls were there and they spent the evening caroling around the neighborhood, drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies. We spent the evening celebrating Campbell's birthday again with candles in her nachos at Ta Mollys. She was not happy to see the lettuce on her plate and made sure that Robby knew that she wasn't going to eat the lettuce.
  • We had some time to run into the store for Campbell to pick out some cupcakes and ice cream to celebrate one last time once we made it home. Then we did drive around a bit looking at Christmas lights before picking up Reagan from her party.
  • When we made it home, we sang to Campbell as Reagan played the piano. Then shower time for everyone followed by our Christmas countdown and then it was bedtme for my crew. Tomorrow looks like it will be a big day too!

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