Christmas Ornament Countdown 2016: Merry Christmas!

This Christmas morning we close our 7th year of Christmas Ornament Countdowns with my favorite new ornament.  On this year's road trip, our day in Boston was near the end. We had been expecting rain and we were not even sure if we were going to be able to see the city or not. We took a chance and drove right into the city. After parking right near the Cheers bar at Boston Common, we loaded the stroller up with snacks and headed out for a day. Click here to see the blog and pictures from that day.

We walked through the park and took a few pictures by the duck statues and then headed towards the Swan Boats. We have never been on the boats before and that day they were about to open in a few minutes. The prices weren't too bad so we jumped in line for the short wait.

The ride was short and so fun. The kids enjoyed floating near all of the ducks and I think that the Swan Boat ride should have been on my bucket list so I could have marked it off. When we finished the ride, I walked quickly through the little store area and my ornament caught my eye.

Except that it wasn't an ornament, it was a craft kit. Robby saw me looking at it and came over with money in hand. I already had a few tubs full of ornaments but we always have room for one more (even if our tree is full).

When we came home, the kids and I worked together to paint our Swan Boat ornament. Here are a few pictures of that experience.  A few weeks later, we started listening to the book The Trumpet and the Swan. The little swan in the book goes to Boston and plays his trumpet as he leads around the Swan Boats. 

Each time I see this ornament, I smile thinking about the great memories we made on our road trip. I hope that you have enjoyed our little Christmas Ornament Countdown this year and I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas. 

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