December 6, 2016

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  • When I walked through the house this morning to start waking up Keaton and Whitman, I noticed that Anderson was already doing his school work. Graham had completed some of his last night before bed and Anderson was catching up. By the time I could wake Keaton up, Reagan and Campbell were already working on their school work as well.
  • After waking up Keaton, I went to Whitman's room and was quietly talking to Keaton. That poor baby just jumped so high when he saw me. It didn't take too long for those two to be dressed and ready for school. 
  • Keaton complained last night and then again tonight that when Whitman is at school, then her friend doesn't play with her on the playground because Whitman is playing with them. I tried to encourage her to play with her friend but she said that her friend won't play with her when Whitman is there. So I tried to tell her to find another friend to play with-gracious, 5 year old playground drama!
  • We had our breakfast after the littles left and everyone started back on their school work. My people worked hard and fast today because they only had on thing on their mind-the hole! My boys can only think of digging that hole in the backyard. At 11, they begged me to fix lunch and let them eat while we did our work together.
  • I obliged and by noon the house was empty. I got to work on all of my things and only went outside a few times to chase our a few stray dogs, spray paint something and count the kids. I was also the door Natzi-not letting anyone come into my house with their shoes on. I was a little bit lax yesterday and my floors paid for it. 
  • After 4, I ran to meet Robby to get gas for our cars. Then he came home to man the dirt pile. I went to the grocery store and bought groceries for 2 birthday parties! When I made it back home, the kids had already showered. 
  • Once we put the groceries up, we made nachos for supper. Then we watched a bit of tv before bedtime.

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