December 30, 2016

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  • Robby went in to work this morning so there was not as much lollygagging around-kind of sad. My boys were up early but this morning no one would get Whitman's breakfast for him. He would run back to me and say "they don't understand me." Now, I am not sure if the boys didn't understand him or if they just said that didn't so they didn't have to help him. Though he breakfast order was a bit complicated since he wanted one poptart, cereal, raisins and milk. 
  • Soon we were all up and did a bit of straightening before the Heltz came over for the day. They arrived around 10 and immediately everyone headed off to play. I had brought all of our big legos downstairs and it was wonderful. Michael and Whitman played with those legos all morning long. Keaton and Charlotte played with them some too. It kept them busy and in eye sight which was my plan.
  • Around 12, we all loaded up and left for McDonalds. Robby was there and I am sure that we drew a few stares walking in with 10 kids. I did tell the kids that if anyone asked to just say that they were all brothers and sisters. I believe that they all ate about 3 hamburgers and 50 nuggets. 
  • Everyone enjoyed playing and it was nice to have so many watchful eyes: Robby bought half of our meal first and then I went to buy the rest (we had coupons.) I had told the kids as I walked out to watch Micheal and as I was waiting on my order, I saw him heading for the door out of the playground area. Right behind him was Graham, Anderson, Alyssa Kate, Campbell and at least one other of my helpers. Robby was also right there so that little guy had no chance of escaping!
  • We ate and played plenty and then headed back home. Once at home, Micheal took a nap, Whitman needed one, Keaton probably could have taken one and Charlotte barely went outside since shew as probably tired too. The kids watched a movie and then headed outside for a bit of playtime. 
  • It was chilly outside so I didn't go out. The boys flew their drones and I think that I saw Reagan and Alyssa Kate getting a turn to. Last night, I forgot to write that when the boys flew their drones the last time, they showed off their skills. I was in the bonus room and opened the window and in flew Anderson's drone. Graham's drone was close but it didn't quite make it in the window! You know that you are a boy mom when drones flying in your house don't really phase you at all!
  • When the Heltz left, the kids watched another movie while Robby and I cleaned out the fridge. We ate leftovers and then all sat down to watch a baking show while eating cookies before going to bed.

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