December 15, 2016

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  • This was a big day for my little two-Christmas parties at school. Keaton could not put on her pajamas fast enough this morning. Yes, it was pajama day and thankfully, Whitman never batted an eye about wearing his pajamas. I am not too sure if he would have liked that idea but since he had never worn those pjs yet, he didn't yet know that they were pajamas and not actually school clothes.
  • Robby took them on to school after they grabbed their breakfast while I started school with the others. We were able to finish most everything before I had to jump in the car to head to the school Christmas parties. When Robby left to take the kids this morning I told him that I would bring the teacher's Christmas gifts but I was in such a hurry to leave that I left them at home-argh! 
  • Keaton and Whitman must have partied all morning long-they had already seen Santa, heard the book The Polar Express and drank hot chocolate (though mine didn't drink any.) The first activity for both classes was eating cupcakes. Then Whitman's class had a few games and even decorated ice cream cone Christmas trees. Keaton's class also played some games and then both classes began passing out their goodie bags. 
  • When the party was over, Keaton picked up Whitman's Christmas tree and we headed to the car. I had asked her repeatedly if she could carry it and she assured me that she could. As we were about to step outside, she dropped it. I quickly picked it up and put it back in the plate. Whitman said "it is ruined" to which I replied that it was just fine and now we could eat it in the car. Keaton then picked that tree back up again (my hands were full of coats, bags, gifts and artwork) and immediately dropped it again. This time Keaton said, "well, now it is ruined." It was pretty much smashed to pieces but Whitman didn't really care and the rest of us munched on it for the rest of the day.
  • While I was gone, the kids finished up school and did a few chores. I came home and soon we were eating our leftovers for lunch. Afterwards, I helped the kids finish chores and soon we were all loaded up headed to the dentist-everyone except for Whitman and Robby.
  • Taking my crew to the dentist is always an exciting event. We certainly do liven up the place. There were no cavities and just as I was about to begin celebrating, he handed me a card of an orthodontist. It looks like it is time for Reagan to possibly get braces. He said that he will do braces but since this would involve jaw work he wouldn't do it-when her molars touch, then her front teeth do not touch. Oh, well I can't say that we are surprised by having a Dennie that needs braces-it was eventually going to happen.
  • Afterwards, I lost my mind and took the kids to the Dollar Store. They had to buy one gift for our homeschool gift swap but ended up buying gifts for each other. I had kids running all over that store. It was craziness-when we did get home, I made each person pay me because before they could receive the bag of what they had bought. 
  • We did pick up pizza on the way home and ate it. Keaton noticed the beautiful sky outside and asked me to take her picture and then goodness gracious, I only took blurry pictures. Before long, I was back in the car taking the boys to basketball practice. Campbell tagged alone and I was able to visit with Sara for a bit during practice.
  • Back at home, Keaton and Reagan spent most of their time wrapping presents that they had bought today. When we came back home, the kids had showers and ate some of their cake before heading to bed. 
  • We had some ice cream with Shannon before I went outside to sand and then to work on the blog for a little bit. One more day of school before Christmas break and I am probably more excited than the kids!

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