December 29, 2016

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  • We did a bit better waking up this morning though next week will still be crazy hard for us! Graham had already been in our room when we heard him and Anderson helping Whitman get his breakfast. Whitman apparently didn't trust his brothers that it was fine to eat his breakfast. He cracked open our door and asked "can I have pop tart?" Then he left and came back again to ask if he could also have milk. 
  • Robby left for the dentist this morning and I woke the girls up. Reagan could have slept for another few hours but not this morning. It was time to work-the first thing that we did was to each put up 2 Christmas presents. Campbell and Anderson even have birthday presents up here so taking 12 presents downstairs and putting them away make little difference in the bonus room. We did straighten things up a bit but goodness gracious-I think we need a bigger house now! (Not really, it is all manageable and you wouldn't believe the bags of trash I am sending out of this house each day. My real cleaning will start in January along with lots of real treadmill time.)
  • We then all did 30 minutes of school and that went so incredible smooth-not! My people had forgotten where there desk were, how to do their math, how to act and countless other things. It didn't help that I have a new sheet for Reagan, Anderson and Graham to complete each day to help with more accountability in their school work. We will probably do a bit of work like this early tomorrow or Monday.
  • After we finished all of this, we did a few chores and then it was free time. The kids played for a bit while Campbell packed to spend the night at Nonna and Pops' house. Soon Nonna picked her up and they ended up playing games at Chuck E Cheese and even going out to eat tonight.
  • We then had a late lunch and then the boys headed out to fly their drones (Robby enjoys this as much as the boys do but they are a bit stingy with how many turns that he gets-I think he wants one for Father's Day.) The rest of the afternoon was spent doing really nothing-playing games, playdohing, working legos, watching tv and helping around the house.
  • Graham and Keaton spent a long time working with Robby and me. Robby started his generator and organized and labeled all the cords he would need for a power outage-therefore, thus preventing any power outage or snowy weather this year (I even just looked and the snow chance for next week is already decreasing.)
  • I made Chinese for supper and we all ate during half time of the ballgame. It wasn't that great but it did kill hunger. By the end of the ballgame all of the kids (except Reagan who was watching tv downstairs) were upstairs in the bonus room with us playing with toys and semi watching the ending of the bowl game.

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