December 1, 2016

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  • This morning was an early morning for us. The kids were awake earlier than usual which was helpful. I helped Keaton and Whitman put their clothes on and then pulled out breakfast. Today was my day to take the littles to school. I was a bit worried that me dropping them off would mess up their routine but Whitman ran off to his class and Keaton scurried to her class before I could even tell her goodbye.
  • I didn't head home but went on to Nonna's house. We spend the morning and some of the afternoon shopping-online and at a few different stores. We knocked out her Christmas shopping and some of mine so it was a good day.
  • Back at home, Robby made sure the kids finished their school. Everyone worked well and after picking up Keaton and Whitman, they all went out to eat for lunch. The kids enjoyed lunch and when they came home they headed outside. The neighbors were out so my kids stayed out until we had to drag them inside.
  • Speaking of outside-we do have 3 itchy kids tonight and are hoping that it isn't poison ivy. They have been playing in the dirt outside and we wondered if something could be growing in it. Now, Campbell has been complaining of being itchy on her tummy for a few days (could just be excema and her tummy is usually covered), Graham's lower legs were itchy and he said that they have been itching for a few days also (his legs were really dry so maybe that is it) and Anderson said that his legs and arms were itchy tonight (possibly excema). Whatever it was, they were all given cream and benedryl before bedtime.
  • We had made lasagna for supper so we ate after the kids had their showers. Then I rushed the big boys off to basketball practice. This was their first practice and they had lots of fun. My Graham was nervous about finding his team but Anderson acted like he owned the place. 
  • Back at home, Robby let the girls make cookies so when we came home there were plenty of cookies for us to enjoy and we did. The boys had more showers and then it was bedtime for the Dennie kids.

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