December 11, 2016

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  • I don't know how long this blog will be tonight because I have written just a few words and have already gotten up once to go and wash my hands...again. Tonight, Whitman went to sleep on the way home and I yanked the sweater over his head (slightly waking him up) and put him in bed. Later when we went to tuck the boys in, we smelled Whitman. I went to change him with Robby assisting-changing a sound asleep 3 year old in the dark is not that easy. Things were going fine until I went to fasten his clean diaper back around him.
  • Now, I have changed many, many diapers. Many diapers. I have gotten my hands dirty but I have never, never ever stuck my hand in a pile of poo! Until tonight! I don't know what happened and how it had rolled onto the bed and didn't stay in the diaper. Not only did I get my hand messy and managed to smear it all across his sheets. While Robby was gently taking the sheets off around still sleeping Whitman, I was scrubbing my hands and scrubbing them some more. Life is always interesting around here.
  • This morning as I got out of the shower, I could hear Robby talking to the kids while they were eating breakfast. He was emphasizing to them that we were not late but we did need to hurry and get dressed. By the time my clothes were on, Robby started getting himself ready and I started on Whitman's clothes and the girls' hair.
  • We did make it to church in time to see the grands and to give a little gift to the sweet old ladies that used to sit behind us. Then it was time for Sunday school. Robby taught for me since I have a bit of a cold. When I sat down last night after Campbell's party my ears and my throat were killing me. My ears didn't bother me today but my throat was still pretty sore this morning. Thankfully, it seems to be improving.
  • Then it was big church followed by lunch at Grannymom's house. We sang Happy Birthday to Campbell and Anderson during dessert. The kids tried to get outside and did for just a few minutes before they realized that it was rainy and cold. When we left there, Whitman and Campbell stayed with Grannymom and the rest of us went shopping. Robby and Anderson went to Kroger to pick up a few deals and Keaton, Reagan, Graham and I went to Walmart and 2 others stores before coming home. We did knock out 4 presents while out shopping (and 1 more when we came home) so I was super pleased.
  • The kids watched some tv and had showers this afternoon and then it was back to church. The choir did their Christmas performance and let me tell you it was wonderful. We could have stayed longer and listened to a few more songs. 
  • Once at home, the kids had their ice cream and then it was time for bed for them. And now it is time for me to go and wash my hands!

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