Christmas Ornament Countdown 2016: 3 Days until Christmas

On this morning, we had a long drive ahead of us so we were up and leaving early. We did brave a bit of the leftover tropical storm in Newport, picked up a pizza in New Haven and then drove on to our way to New York. We really needed something exciting to do on this driving day and had seen pictures from the Pez factory in Orange, Connecticut so we stopped there.

If you look at the blog and pictures from that day (click here), you will see that the factory tour was just a glorified gift shop. That didn't matter though because we didn't have long but we were on a mission to find all of the Pez dispensers on our bingo cards so we could all get a free Pez dispenser. With each admission, we were able to pick out a dispenser for free and then we all earned ours from the bingo card. We left that place with at least 16 Pez dispensers and Robby decided that we needed a few refill for all of our new Pez dispensers and they came in a handy Christmas ornament or maybe it was just supposed to be a can!

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