December 27, 2016

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  • Our mission this morning was to stay in bed as long as we could. We managed to stay pretty long-even though we had to get up to get people breakfast, keep the laundry moving, go to the bathroom and countless other things. I did even sew up the Christmas stockings while laying in bed this morning-it was a pretty perfect morning...until I noticed that most of the floor of my room was filled with laundry.
  • I am not quite sure how we did manage to stay in bed as long as we did because we could hear the kids building in the living room. I made jenga blocks for them and they have been used for everything except jenga. That was perfectly fine with me since no one really ever seemed to care too much for blocks-I guess they are just catching up. It does seem to be much more fun since they are giant. They have made chairs, tunnels, towers, obstacle courses, balance beams and even used them to make blueprints for a house.  Whatever they were making, 54 blocks crashing and banging around could keep anyone awake.
  • The boys watched movies this morning-Brain Games. Whitman will watch it as long as we let him right now. Robby and I wondered if he understood what the show was about-he is smart, but is he that smart? 
  • The girls eventually started coming down stairs (it was 11 when Reagan finally made an appearance.) They were quick to want to go outside and soon everyone was out riding bikes and flying drones. The neighbors were over too for a bit but when they had to go in, everyone headed inside.
  • Eventually, Robby, Anderson and Campbell headed out to run some errands. Anderson had quite a bit of money from Christmas, birthday returns and a Christmas return. He chose a pretty large star wars lego to buy and was absolutely thrilled that they were able to pick it up today...we told him that he couldn't build it all today or we wouldn't have seen him for the rest of the day.
  • They also bought some groceries, supper and sonic drinks for everyone. The shoppers hadn't been home too long when everyone went back outside to play for a while. The kids were outside until it was supper time. Grannymom and Grandpa came over for supper and after the kids had showered, we fixed our plates.
  • We had BBQ for supper and ooey gooey for dessert. When we had finished the kids went upstairs to play with their toys-the girls played shopkins, Graham and Grannymom played blackjack, Anderson built some on his lego and Whitman tried to play with Anderson's knex roller coaster. 
  • Later in the evening Whitman, Campbell and I played Hi Ho Cherrio and the boys eventually flew their drones in the mudroom-now if that isn't an accident waiting to happen! We let the kids stay up a bit later than planned but soon they will head on to bed...right now though, the big kids are playing happily and the little ones are building with the blocks contently.

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