Christmas Ornament Countdown 2016: 5 Days Until Christmas

Robby and I have been to shows in New York a couple of times but this New York City trip, we had the kids with us. We felt like they should get to experience a Broadway show. Click here for pictures and the blog of this day on our road trip this year. Since Grannymom and Grandpa were with us, they offered to keep some of the littles. We knew that Whitman couldn't sit through a show and since Whitman wasn't going, Keaton had no interest in going. My Campbell followed her sister and said she didn't want to go either (I tried to convince her but it didn't work.)

We dressed up and headed to see our show. We saw Holiday Inn and it was the cutest little play. The kids (and us) sat spell bound throughout the entire play. When we came home, we even had a family movie night and watched the movie. 

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