December 24, 2016-Christmas at the Brocks

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  • I am almost embarrassed to say how long we all stayed in bed this morning but we all needed a little extra sleep. The boys, as always, were the first ones up-they had lego building on their mind. Then the others started moseying down the stairs. I told them to all get their own breakfast and they are getting pretty good at it.
  • We didn't really have much to do this morning so it was a lazy morning. Robby, the procrastinator of the family, did have to run an errand or two. While he was gone, the rest of us did some laundry and straightened the house.
  • After the house was clean, the kids all sat around the tv watching their current favorite tv show-Brain Games. It tickles me that Whitman enjoys that show as much as the others and I have to be careful when I am walking through the room or I will sit down and watch along with them. 
  • Once Robby came home, we headed to the bonus room and started working on the puzzle some. We worked and worked and worked some more. If we had a little bit more time then we could have finished today but I finally went downstairs to take my shower and was shocked to see that we only had 25 more minutes before we needed to leave.
  • I quickly jumped in the shower while Robby urged the others to get dressed. Soon we were in the car heading to the church house. All the grands had already saved us spots so we filled their pew and Robby, Whitman, Jason and I sat behind them. During the service, Whitman sang along as we sang and could not contain his excitement for the candle lighting. All of the kids love holding the candles and since we didn't set fire to anything, I will call it a win.
  • We all headed to Nonna's house and while she and Pops finished getting supper warm, we sat in the floor and made reindeer food. This was messy yet exciting and I had to sweet just as soon as we were finished.
  • Nonna had the whole Christmas dinner spread and Graham loved the ham that she had cooked. When we had finished eating, we took the customary pictures in front of the Christmas tree and then the present opening commenced. Reagan was thrilled with her new jacket, Anderson's favorite was a big pillow, Graham just loved everything he opened, Campbell was pretty pleased with her new robe, Keaton was exciting about her pens and markers and Whitman enjoyed his pogo stick, along with all of the others.
  • After we had opened everything, we started on dessert. After a bit, we did have to leave the party and head home. We had reindeer to feed before putting everyone in bed. Robby and I did a bit of wrapping, some cooking for in the morning and then sat down to watch the end of It's a Wonderful Life.

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