December 5, 2016

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  • As I laid down in bed last night, I jumped up while saying "tooth." I guess I startled Robby because he briefly thought my tooth was the one I was talking about. Instead it was Campbell's tooth. She had pulled her tooth yesterday morning and the tooth fairy needed to visit her last night. The tooth fairy that comes to this house is getting a bit lazy-she doesn't even take the tooth anymore and often the money is just thrown nearby the tooth pillow.
  • Everyone was awake early this morning except for Reagan. She never wants to go to bed at night but she sure does sleep late in the morning-wonder where she gets that? (from me!) I dressed Keaton and Whitman-we are still working hard on him putting his jacket on but that isn't progressing as quick as I would like-mainly since he often rolls around on the floor while trying to put his coat on.
  • Once they left, the rest of us started on school. For a Monday, today went really, really well. The kids worked hard and were for the most part finished by noon. Even though we were finished on time, we didn't eat lunch until nearly 1. Campbell and Graham were cleaning the shower for me-I was surprised but they eventually scrubbed it clean. 
  • This afternoon was spent in major party planning mode-made a napkin holder out of legos for Anderson's party along with a cupcake stand. We made 7 more cakes for Campbell's party and even made brownies to take to Bible study for prisoners. 
  • When Nonna brought Keaton and Campbell home, everyone ended up outside and stayed there until dark. Well, they mostly stayed there until dark-people did come in to wash their hands or go to the bathroom-all of which I highly discouraged. They were playing in the dirt pile outside-though it is no longer a pile, it has become a hole. Graham said that they are trying to dig a foot each day and are trying to dig a tunnel to the neighbors house. 
  • They were filthy-absolutely filthy. Their knees and bottoms were caked in dirt and not to mention how cold it was outside. When the boys were back inside the house, I kidded them about frostbite and mentioned all of the different areas of the body that it could effect.
  • After everyone had been hosed down, we ate leftovers and then the kids had some time to watch tv for a bit before we did our nightly Christmas routine.

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