December 13, 2016-Happy Birthday Anderson!

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  • We started our morning early this morning with birthday cinnamon rolls for the birthday boy. Cinnamon rolls for breakfast is the easiest way to get my people out of bed in the mornings. The girls had gone to sleep last night on the floor all lined up and were still sleeping soundly this morning when we had to wake them up.
  • Anderson was happy to blow out another round of candles. Keaton and Whitman then headed off to school. Whitman wasn't too happy about going to school this morning but when I reminded him that he was the snack helper and he dutifully headed to the car.
  • The rest of us started on our school work but I did tell them that since it was a birthday all they had to do was work with me, do all of our together work and finish their math. This made everyone happy-even me! 
  • We flew through all of the school work and were soon listening to Christmas music and putting the monorail around the Christmas tree. After that had been accomplished, we all went upstairs to do some present wrapping. Anderson and Campbell were the only ones who had a present that they had bought to wrap but everyone helped me wrap my presents. We wrapped over 13 presents-and they look like a gaggle of kids wrapped them but they would have looked just the same if I would have spent hours doing it while hiding out up in the attic. It is nice when the kids get old enough to help with a few things-now to teach them how do the laundry.
  • I made grilled ham and cheese for lunch which the kids gobbled down. I should have just given them some of our ham and cheese croissants that were left over from Campbell's party but we will save them for tomorrow when everyone is home during the day (no Bible study tomorrow.) We then had birthday cupcakes which of course had another candle!
  • When we finished with lunch, we flew through another round of chores. I started to work on organizing a few shelves and drawers, which basically amounts to me just shuffling things around from spot to spot. 
  • I did go outside and play a zillion and one rounds of 4 square with everyone. I had told them that I would play just 5 minutes but after about 30, I realized that the sweat that was still on my body from the treadmill that I had just gotten off of had frozen and I was shivering so I headed in for a shower.
  • I suggested spaghetti or ravioli for supper tonight but Robby said those didn't sound too birthday-ish so we went out to Pie 5 to eat our supper. It was delicious and Anderson dutifully blew out another candle. On the way home, Robby and he went into Kroger to pick out some ice cream.
  • At home, we had ice cream with another candle and then the kids watched a bit of a Christmas movie. Keaton had a long steamy shower during the movie-she had a cough and a runny nose. So hopefully the steam will do her good along with the meds I rubbed on her and gave her. I made her a pallet in our room and when Whitman asked about it, I told him it was because she had a bad cough and he said "me too." He doesn't, but he does have a runny nose so he was also given a steamy shower and some meds. Hopefully everyone will be feeling much better in the morning!

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