December 14, 2016

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  • Bible study ended last week so today we had a day off. We weren't really off of anything since we still did school and had church tonight but it was still pretty nice. Keaton and Whitman didn't have school today so they were with us. 
  • We had muffins and cereal for breakfast. At one point, the kids absolutely loved the muffins and I had made dozens of muffins-banana, apple and even pumpkin. They were fighting over them but I can hardly get anyone to eat one anymore. I guess if you ever want a muffin, you can come and dig in my freezer and have a snack (speaking of-the potato salad that I just ate for supper might be topped off well with a muffin tonight.)
  • Everyone started to school-even Keaton and Whitman who already had a make something for me. Usually Keaton gets right after doing a few of her boxes but today, I don't think she did a single one. I never noticed until just now but she did volunteer to do her reading book with me and usually that is a struggle. She did sleep well last night despite her occasional cough. I will say that I had never noticed how much she tosses, turns, moans and talks in her sleep. We all still slept well and she was feeling good this morning.
  • By 11, most were finishing their school work and we started on our history and science. I am trying to get at least half way finished with those before Christmas. We will be halfway on spelling and grammar and that does make me happy.
  • For lunch, we had more ham and cheese croissants. We probably have one more day to eat them before they are gone but just like those muffins, my crowd is becoming bored with them and are eating less and less each time. After lunch, we did a few chores and the kids were soon outside.
  • Whitman really wanted to go outside but the first time he asked the kids had gone down the street and the next time some dogs were out. So the first time I saw the kids back in our yard with no dogs around, I bundled him up and sent him out. At one time, I couldn't see him-he was in the hole. Seriously, what are we thinking letting the kids did a hole in the yard. It is at least 5 feet now-one morning I am going to wake up and a deer will trapped inside of it. Maybe Anderson and Graham are planning to reenact the Bible story of throwing Joseph in the well. Maybe they will hit water or buried treasure-one can only hope. Maybe they are planning on making a pool for this summer. We may need to borrow some spare dirt in a few weeks so we can fill this hole back in.
  • It was cold out there and around 4, I brought the kiddos in to freshen up and have supper before heading off to church. It was party night at church-Keaton's group sang for the parents and then had cupcakes and cookies. Anderson, Campbell and Graham's group had free pizza, popcorn, marshmallows and hot chocolate. Reagan's group had pizza and cookies and even played the syran wrap ball game. Then when we were leaving Ms. Angela was passing out leftover cupcakes and the kids all had one. It was quite a night and my people left with their tummys full. 
  • Once at home, the kids showered and then it was time for do our nightly Christmas routine-talk about an ornament on the tree and pull our Santa chimney. And now, I am going to get myself an apple muffin.

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